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The Basic Beard Grooming Kit - Beard Care Necessities

By Detroit Grooming

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WHAT'S INSIDE THE ANYTHING-BUT-BASIC  BEARD GROOMING KIT?Our Basic Beard Grooming Kit is exactly that; the absolute bare necessities for daily beard care and grooming. Wash, tame and scent your beard with our core beard grooming products in these styles:Bergamot Lavender -Beard Wash: 8 oz. Bergamot Lavender Beard Poo Beard CleanserBeard Oil: 1 oz. Belle Isle Grooming OilBeard Butter: 4 oz. Belle Isle Beard ButterBeard Oil: 0.5 oz. Orchard LakeMahogany Teakwood -Beard Wash: 8 oz. Mahogany Teakwood Beard Poo Beard CleanserBeard Oil: 1 oz. Corktown Grooming OilBeard Butter: 4 oz. Corktown Original Beard ButterBeard Oil: 0.5 oz. Woodward Grooming OilBlack (Cedarwood Amber) -Beard Wash: 8 oz. Black Beard Poo Beard CleanserBeard Oil: 1 oz. Black Grooming OilBeard Butter: 4 oz. Black Beard ButterBeard Oil: 0.5 oz. Sturgis Grooming OilThe Only Beard Care Set You'll Ever Need!"This grooming kit gives you all the tools to help grow your beard. The products smell amazing!"~ Michael M."This was a great way to experience a multitude of products easily. The Beard Poo is amazing"~ Andy C.ABOUT EACH COMPONENT IN THE BASIC BEARD GROOMING KITBeard Poo Beard Cleanser - All Natural Base Beard Wash. This gentle yet effective wash has a 100% all-natural base blend and is perfect for any skin type. It's great at keeping your beard hair light and clean, and your skin refreshed.Our Award Winning Beard Oils. All of our beard oils contain a base of almond oil rich in hair-nourishing magnesium. Our beard grooming oils eliminate those beard split ends, and leave your beard shiny and soft. They also contain a reparative & healing solution that saturate deeper than most oils and thus reverse damage done to your beard hairs. Our beard oils also contain a higher content of mono-saturated fatty acids than any other beard oil on the market, making them the most intensely moisturizing beard oil available. It’s chock-full of antioxidants and proteins to repair your skin and hair!Corktown Beard Butter. Although both beard oil and butter give your beard the proper nourishment it needs, the beard butter allows you control over shaping and forming your beard in a particular style. The foundational ingredients of our Corktown Beard Butter makes beard grooming super easy since it comes from high-quality coconut oil and Shea Butter engineered to make your beard look and feel amazing.Our beard oils and butters also contain a high content of mono-saturated fatty acids, making them some of the most intensely moisturizing beard oils available. They’re chock-full of antioxidants and proteins to help repair your skin and hair. Growing a beard? Want to know how to grow a goatee, or how to grow a long beard that’ll actually look good? Do you have coarse beard hair, or a dry beard, and want a softer beard that’s well nourished? These oils and butters provide the most complete answers to the question of how to grow a beard. They don’t clog pores so they actually help promote beard growth! We have what you need, wherever you are in your beard growing journey. Let your beard grow! 

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