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About Palm

Palm Golf Co. began with a few friends and a standing weekly tee time at a local municipal course. In between numerous three-putts and duffed chips, we talked ideas and visions: what we loved about golf, and how to add to the game that we’ve come to love so much. Since no one should trust us to teach the game of golf, we decided to find something we could improve: the style. We make designs for lovers of clean-cut, tucked-in, classic style as well as the more eccentric high top-and-jogger style. Whether you birdie or double bogey, we hope you’ll always #swingandsmile.


We first honed in on an often neglected but vastly used product: the glove. Palm's goal quickly became to provide a highly fashionable golf glove – something that any golfer would want to wear, with absolutely no sacrifice to the quality. We’ve enhanced the fit and feel of the standard golf glove by widening the velcro patch and deepening the cut of the "u" between the thumb and index finger. The result is a fine-tuned fit across the palm and a more comfortable feeling in motion.

While there’s no denying that the right golf glove can improve your technique, don’t underestimate what one of our gloves can do for your fairway style. Keep it streamlined and sleek in our signature all-white leather Canvas glove, or mix things up with a fun print. However you prefer to dress, we know we can cover your hand.


If you love the prints on our golf gloves, you’ll be happy to know we’ve made towels to match. Snap up a matching set to stash in your golf bag. We’ve got something for everyone, whether you prefer tropical birds, tribal prints, or stars and stripes.

Each golf towel comes with a clip attached for easy access and an elegant drape on the outside of your golf bag. We don’t ever want to catch you wiping that dirty putter on your polo again.


Trendy trucker hats? We’ve got ‘em. Classic “dad” hats? Line on up. Our range of unisex caps is perfect for the beach or the course.

No matter which style you choose, you’ll be made in the (wearable) shade with a stylish look, a comfortable feel, and a snapback for an adjustable fit. Palm hats are the perfect headwear to top off your look, on or off the course.