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Men's Innovator 1.0 Golf Shoe

By Amy Sapp
Let’s face it, choosing a golf shoe that matches everything is tough—and now, unnecessary.

Jack Grace’s innovative golf shoes feature interchangeable saddles and laces, offering you three different design options packed into one convenient set. The Black Innovator sports an interchangeable black starter saddle—the perfect baseline for whatever color combos you can dream up.

Each Jack Grace saddle gives you the opportunity to highlight your individual style, elevating your normal, run-of-the-mill shoe. Plus, the saddles have magnetic edges to stay securely locked on your feet, so you don’t have to worry about losing any accessories during a round.

With these premium leather shoes and “disruptive technology,” it’s no surprise that Jack Grace “intends to change golf shoes forever.” We’d say the Innovator’s name is right on the money.

Original Jones Black Bag

By Amy Sapp
When in doubt, go classic—especially when it comes to your golf bag. In 1971, Jones Sports Co. launched their brand with this sleek and timeless bag. Outfitted with a single retro strap and three convenient pockets, this bag has your best game woven into its DNA.

Designed especially for the walking golfer, the Original Jones Black Bag keeps your clubs protected with its water-resistant nylon exterior, making sure your drivers are good to go in rain or shine. Enjoy your walk: Choose the Original Jones Black Bag. Your gear will thank you.

Navy Blue Camo Panel

By Amy Sapp
You want your gear – notably, your driver – to remain protected on the course. So don’t take a chance by encasing your equipment in just any headcover. Choose the Navy Blue Camo Panel from Dormie Workshop.

This Italian leather beauty is designed to fit most modern, oversized driver club heads. Its cotton and poly liner will help keep the elements away and ensure a quicker drying time if you do encounter them on the course. Oh, and did we mention this durable design is also stain-resistant?

Have no doubt: You can trust the craftsmanship of Dormie Workshop, whose handmade quality features were designed with your best game in mind. As for the on-trend camo print…well, consider that a gimme.


By Amy Sapp
Desert cactus – but make it fashion.

Known for their eye-popping patterns and vibrant colors, Bad Birdie has mastered the art of crafting memorable polos for the golf course. They’ve scored a hole-in-one with this summer’s must-have, the Saguaro (which draws inspiration from the cactus of the same name).

This top features moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you cool even in steaming summer temperatures. It’s a no-brainer: Desert your same-ol’, same-ol’ collared shirt and choose this polo to optimize your on-course performance and keep your game extra-sharp.