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The Canvas

By Amy Sapp
Flash your pearly whites on the course this summer…in the form of this fresh golf glove from our friends at Palm.

Palm’s Canvas glove gives you the perfect fit for adjusting your grip precisely and expertly. For heightened comfort, the Canvas features an extra-wide Velcro strap to fine-tune the fit of the glove across your palm. Palm also adjusted the "u" between the thumb and index finger, creating a “deeper cut” for an even more comfortable glove that allows for amplified motion and ultimate style.

Made from AAA Cabretta Leather, you can rest assured that quality was not spared in the creation of this glove. The look is complete with a signature Palm tree stamp. We give this one a *chef’s kiss.*

Swim Trunks
Bald Head Blues

By Amy Sapp
Dive into making those sweet, sweet summertime memories with a swimsuit you won’t regret wearing ten years down the line. (You know the ones.) Thanks to Bald Head Blues, you won’t need to cringe when you look back at summer ’19 photographs.

Bald Head Blues’ periwinkle blue swim trunks sport a comfy waistband to keep you secure, even when a rogue wave appears. They’re enhanced for performance with a mesh lining – so feel free to chase that frisbee down the beach after you emerge from your dip.

Oh, and did we mention pockets? These shorts have lots of ‘em. Use the front pockets for loose items (like a small tube of sunscreen – mom taught you well) and the rear Velcro closure for more valuable items, like your phone. (Just don’t forget to take it out before cannonballing.)

Foolproof Gifts for Dad
Father's Day Gift Guide

By Amy Sapp
So Father’s Day is headed your way, but you’ve still got shopping to do. Whoa there, pump the breaks! Don’t run to the gift card carousel just yet – Shop with Golf is here with gifting solutions to keep your dad On Par all season long.

Perfect your father’s weekend game with the Sunday Soft Carry Golf Bag from Linksoul. This sleek bag is crafted especially for short rounds, making it the perfect “get” for the dad who wants to squeeze in a quick nine before grabbing a beer with the boys.

For a more fashion-forward gift, pair State Apparel’s Competition Pant with the 19th Hole Quarter-Zip Pullover from Bald Head Blues. He’ll thank you for sprucing up his Saturday style. Throw in the lightweight Packable Rain Jacket from Linksoul, and your pops will never have to sit out a round due to inclement weather again.

If Dad’s already well-dressed, go for Linksoul’s #3 Wood. Made from persimmon trees, it throws back to hardwood club heads of old – Dad will love the nostalgia factor as he swings this rustic beauty on the course. If a club is outside of your price range, choose Linksoul’s Hawk Art Print, which depicts the suave Ben Hogan on a sepia-toned smoke break. It’s the perfect last-minute addition to your father’s burgeoning “Man Cave” – “Dad Cave,” if you will.

Jack ErwiN


By Amy Sapp
So you’re looking for sneakers that are comfy, clean, and classic. Sneakers that you can dress up or down, depending on your needs.

Enter the Leonard by Jack Erwin.

This suave, vintage-inspired sneaker features a sweeping toe panel done in suede and leather for a touch of polish. Athletic-inspired perforations help give you that breathable sneaker feel without compromising on fashion. The result is a comfortable, supportive shoe that’s fit for the golf course or the clubhouse. And did we mention it’s handcrafted in Portugal?

Don’t find yourself stuck between two sneakers. Pick the one that does both – pick the Leonard by Jack Erwin.

Biscayne Weekender Duffel
Hudson Sutler

Biscayne Weekender Duffel

By Amy Sapp
Before you ship out to the beach this Memorial Day weekend, you need to make sure your essentials are safely stowed away. You know, that lucky polo you wore when you hit your first birdie? The trusty visor you’ve never vacationed without? Precious cargo that needs to make it from your closet to the clubhouse.

Enter the Biscayne Weekender Duffel by Hudson Sutler.

This durable powder blue bag sports a smooth, wipe-clean canvas with interior and exterior pockets. (We’re strong believers that you can never have too many pockets.) We suggest storing your water bottle in the outer pocket while keeping your cell phone and wallet secured in the zipped inner compartments.

Plus, this 18-ounce canvas tote is completely water-repellent with rustproof zippers… on the off chance that you experience a few showers on your getaway. Top it off with a sturdy end strap, and you’ve got the ideal three-day “vacay” bag.

We’ll be grabbing our Biscayne Weekender Duffle before heading out of the office this Friday. Will you?