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On The Course

To understand what Linksoul is trying to bring to the golf world, start with the company name. “The ‘links’ is where the game began (in 17th century Scotland) – it’s where the land meets the sea,” founder John Ashworth explained. “And golf has this way of linking souls together, helping people become really good friends for life.”

Consider this your uniform to do just that. In easy-wearing, unassuming pieces made to transition on and off the course, you’ll be able to focus on what’s important: the game, the company, and whatever else the day might bring.

California Casual

Linksoul is based out of San Diego, California, and the brand’s clothes reflect the city’s laid-back surfer aesthetic. You’ll find board shorts and surfboards mixed in with golf clubs and polo shirts, all of it meant to be worn through work and play.

“You don’t have uniforms for different parts of the day,” said John of the SoCal lifestyle. “Clothing just transitions from one thing to the next. If I wear something to work, I want to be able to go play nine holes of golf at a moment’s notice and not have to change.” We hear that.

Goat Hill Park

There’s no better physical representation of Linksoul’s accessible ethos than Goat Hill Park, the municipal course that Linksoul restored and reopened in 2016. Goat Hill Park’s motto is “world class, working class,” and the green fee for the 75-acre course is just $26.

Goat Hill Park is about giving new or casual golfers “entry-level” places to learn the game. “We don’t have a dress code. Everyone’s welcome,” said John. “It opens up all kinds of possibilities. We play music… It’s about having fun.”