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About Us

About us:

Shop with Golf is the premiere site from The Shops at NBCUniversal, a new way to shop your favorite TV networks. We’ve married the best brands on the market with the shows you can’t stop watching, bringing you exclusive content while you browse a selection that’s expertly tailored to your needs. It’s the next best thing to stepping inside your TV screen – and even better, you don’t have to get off the couch.

We know golf is more than a game to you, and we want to give you everyday ways to get your fix. Shop with Golf will tell you where to play, who to know, what to drink, what to wear, and how to put it all together. With exclusive content, insider tips, and a first look at the best new products, we hope you’ll get into the game like never before. For those who are new to golf, we hope to help you know (and love) the game by making it accessible, approachable, and fun.