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Beating the Blues

Is blue light is messing with your golf game?

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Flex Time

Suit up in apparel engineered for motion that brings performance-level quality to professional style

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Solid as a Sock

A performance sock’s secret weapon? Arch support.

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April Showers

Pack these essentials to be prepared for a little wet weather

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Smooth Operator

Wrinkle-resistant fabric keeps you in the game all day long.

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Ditch the Dirt

Go ahead, wipe that dirty putter on your pants. These pants can take it.

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Under Control

This performance underwear is the whole package.

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The Science of Smelling Good

Odor-fighting fabric is the latest innovation in hard-working clothing.

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Behind the Brim

Battling hat head? It turns out, the secret to a perfectly fitted cap might be inspired by your mattress.

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Perfect Temperature

Keep cool with the latest in technology-infused apparel

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