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Man wearing Rhone boxer brief underwear


Under Control

This performance underwear is the whole package.

Under Control

Underwear is like your car’s engine: You never think about it until it stops working for you, but once it does, it makes getting anywhere a pain in the butt – if not somewhere even more sensitive. In both cases, the best way to solve the problem is to avoid it in the first place: by buying quality, performing regular maintenance, and letting it warm up before use.

The Gold Standard of Boxers

The Rhone boxer brief could be considered a gold standard, except that each pair contains strands of silver woven in. “Our brand is about active wear that works great in the gym and looks good out of it,” said Ben Checketts, Rhone’s Vice President of Brand. “Even our street clothes fit that standard. Our commuter pants aren’t running pants, but they’re great if you need to run for the train. With underwear, we wanted to bring that same idea of blending performance DNA with everyday use.”

The features start with the fabric, which is a cotton-nylon blend. The cotton is soft and breathable, which offers comfort and coolness, while the nylon adds wicking properties and a stretch factor that allows the garment to hug without squeezing and to move without riding up.

The fabric is also interwoven with silver thread, a precious metal presence aimed at countering what the company evocatively calls “man stink.” Post-sweat odor is caused by bacteria, and silver prevents the build-up of such malignant microorganisms. A simple application of silver can wear off over time, but mixing silver thread into the yarn locks the bacteria-maiming metal into the fabric for good. The silver (along with the nylon) helps these undies dry quickly, too.

Man wearing Rhone boxer briefs

The Rocket Pocket

The waistband has been designed and tested to inhabit the sweet spot where it’s thick enough to hold everything up, but not so thick that it rolls when you bend or sit. It won’t distract you, whether you’re squawking on a conference call or squatting to line up a putt.

Front and center of Rhone’s features is one the brand has dubbed “the rocket pocket.” It evolved after the company measured, tested and tweaked both its own designs and the competition’s. What emerged was a sort of pouch in which, as Checketts said, “your business is supported but not held too tight to your body.”

There are reasons not to skimp on your underwear. “We shouldn’t settle on our boxers,” said Checketts. “It’s the one product that will dictate how comfortable we are all day.”

That includes the walk home if your car engine dies.