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Pro Golfer Jonas Blixt Wearing J Lindeberg Golf Apparel


The Swede Life

Jonas Blixt keeps his Scandinavian cool.

By Embry Roberts

The Swede Life

By Embry Roberts

Jonas Blixt is a pretty laid-back guy, most of the time. Just don’t challenge him to a friendly game of… anything.

“If you’re an athlete and you do this for a living, you don’t like to lose,” said Jonas. “It doesn’t matter what it is. If I go bowling or anything like that, I’m like, Don’t get mad. Don’t get mad because you missed one.”

That competitive streak is part of what keeps the PGA pro at the top of his game – especially now that he knows how to rein in the dramatics. “I learned from my coach in college that you don’t only represent yourself,” he continued. “Throwing clubs, saying bad words, being vocal about stuff – it’s a reflection of you and it’s also a reflection of (the school or company you’re representing). If you make a fool out of yourself, you’re also making other people look like fools.

Jonas has parlayed this wisdom into a sponsorship with Swedish activewear brand J.Lindeberg. “As a golfer, you want to be professional in the way you represent yourself, but you also want to express who you are,” said Jonas, who was raised in Sweden himself. “This brand feels like it’s me.”

While Jonas swears by the chinos for golfing (“the material is so thin and stylish, and they fit really well”) he’s found lots to love about J.Lindeberg’s functional fabrics and sleek cuts that enable his links-to-drinks lifestyle.

Beyond the Fairway

“At Pebble (Beach charity tournament) last year, I played 18 holes for work, and I just went straight to the club,” he said with a laugh. “One of my favorite wine guys was (at the tournament), and we were drinking wine, and then we went to another function, and I never went home to change. No one really looked at me weird. I probably didn’t smell that great, but it was such a good look.”

After all, golf is nothing if not a social sport. “You can play with anyone at anytime,” said Jonas. “You learn the cues and how to act as a human towards older people – to take your hat off and shake their hands. You talk to people and get their views of life. It does take a long time to play golf, but it’s really good because you get to actually know people on the golf course and bond.”

It’s not all fun and games. Jonas works hard to stay in shape for the green. “I try to work out every day,” he said. “Biking first, and then I do a static stretch, and then I do either lower body or upper body. I try to focus a little bit on my midsection, because that’s where you get all the power from. (I do) everything from the plank to normal sit-ups to side planks with rotations.”

“Now, golfers actually look like they’re athletes,” he explained. “Back in the day, they looked like they went to the buffet! But you can see a huge difference in how the game has completely changed that way. People are fit, people are getting stronger and hitting further. (Training) needs to incorporate being flexible so the body can keep up.”

Making the Contents of His Suitcase Count

There’s a lot to keep up with. Between tournaments, summers in his native Sweden and frequent trips to visit his girlfriend in California, Jonas spends an estimated 10 weeks a year at his home in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. “I’m based in my suitcase,” he said.

But he’s not complaining. “You get to see a lot of cool things,” he said of tour life. “In Toronto, I went to see the Hockey Hall of Fame… On the west coast, I tend to do hiking. (My favorite hike was) in Oahu. There’s a bridge that goes through the mountains, and it’s so beautiful.”

Golfer Jonas Blixt wears  Cesar Cotton Coolmax Cardigan Vest on the course with clubs

Game Change

Jonas isn’t just a sports star – he’s also a sports fan. “I love ice hockey,” he said. “That’s probably my other passion. I could have gone to college for hockey … and then I got a lot better at golf and a lot worse at hockey, and it was a pretty easy decision in the end.”

Last year, Jonas got to experience the best of both worlds by going head to head with the New York Islanders. “We did some exercises on the ice, and then we played against each other – golf guys on one team and NHL players on the other team,” he said. “That was really cool.” And it turns out all of them were in fan heaven: “The hockey guys really love golf!” said Jonas. “I watch hockey every morning, and they watch golf every morning.”