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The Science of Sunice

Peak performance wear has designs on the course.

By Melissa Diskin

The Science of Sunice

By Melissa Diskin

Sunice has a specific point of view that is at first glance of surprising origin. The brand was born in 1976, in the performance workwear world, said Andy Bell, President and CEO of Jones Global Sports. With Canadian origins, the brand’s early focus was on winter sportswear, including outfitting teams for the Winter Olympics. “It’s the intersection where science and style meet,” said Bell. “Everything does something -- it’s waterproof, or highly technical, or deals with moisture management.” 

The high-tech fabrics combined with cutting-edge designs make Sunice unique. “Sunice is about athletic performance -- it has an athletic point of view that works for player and spectator. It takes those performance characteristics and takes them to another level,” said Bell. 

Peak Performance

Despite the brand’s origins in winter sports, the evolution into golfwear is a natural fit, said Bell. “People choose it because it performs -- especially tour professionals who need to focus on the game and not the elements.”

Sunice has also been to Mount Everest, outfitting the first Canadian team on its ascent, in 1982. At lower altitudes, the brand’s focus on protective golf wear has made it the line of choice for over sixty PGA and LPGA Pros. Sunice was also named Official Outerwear Provider of the U.S. Solheim Cup and International Presidents’ Cup teams in 2013.

The intertwined, performance-heavy heritage of skiing and golf is probably most clear to golfers playing on courses, such as St. Andrews, where weather is more than just a variation of sunshine and cloud. “Sunice has a cold weather focus, with technology to keep people warm, dry and comfortable; this allowed us to move into other areas where the consumer cares about performance,” said Bell.

The brand has come a long way from its birth in 1976, in an initial meeting between a clothing designer and a manufacturer of emergency services uniforms. Sunice’s emphasis on layering systems appeals to men and women in a wide variety of sports, and its cutting-edge tech ensures that the beauty of design tames, but doesn’t eliminate, the beast of weather-proofed performance. Bell is confident that Sunice offers golfers a particular type of athleticism: “They still want style but are very interested in the science of it all.”