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The Cross-Training Workout That Can Transform Your Game

Troy Mullins shares the secret to her powerful swing

By Embry Roberts

The Cross-Training Workout That Can Transform Your Game

By Embry Roberts

Not every golfer needs an Olympic-level fitness regime. But golf pro and World Long Drive competitor Troy Mullins isn’t every golfer. The former college track-and-field athlete’s average training day – a mix of golfing, long drive practice and cross-training workouts – starts at 5:00 AM and goes until 3:00 PM.

But let’s just say, hypothetically, you don’t have 10 hours a day to work on your game. Troy enjoys a mix of bodyweight plyometrics, yoga, and pilates – all of which could certainly be incorporated into the average gym-goer’s routine, one hour-long class at a time.

But there’s one exercise she believes has changed her game more than anything else.

“I notice a difference when I really work on my core and don’t slack on my core strength,” Troy said. “It’s really important – not only for just the swing, but also for your back health. I notice that when it’s stronger I have less lower back pain, or any kind of back pain.”

“I think for any age, but younger golfers especially – start with that,” she continued. “People neglect (core workouts), thinking, ‘Oh, I can go run’ or ‘I can lift arm weights,’ but there’s really no substitute.”

Troy’s go-to yoga and pilates workouts are known for their heavy core focus. But she also supplements with her own ab workouts at home, which she says include “a lot of bicycles.”

So who’s in? Hey, we can think of worse ways to kill time during commercial breaks. After all, just because you can’t see your abs doesn’t mean they can’t help your game. And they definitely can’t hurt!