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JL the Brand Performance Socks


Solid as a Sock

A performance sock’s secret weapon? Arch support.

Rose Truesdale

Solid as a Sock

Rose Truesdale

When we think about our golf course attire – collared shirt, golf pants, a plaid beret with a pom-pom if you’re truly hardcore – rarely do we consider what lies beneath. We mean socks, of course… ideally, performance socks that work behind the scenes to support you, your feet, and your game.

On Your Toes

For a real performance sock, we turn to JL The Brand, one of footwear’s finest purveyors of form and function. Perhaps best known for their dress socks (which seamlessly transition from office to, well, out of office), JL The Brand has also created an American-made line of premium, ultra-light, no-show performance socks for men and women. Score! 

The performance line features a reinforced heel and toe, offering durability and comfort while you’re out on the links. Ventilated mesh and JL The Brand’s signature blended Nanoglide fibers wick away moisture and help prevent blisters when you decide to skip the golf cart and walk. And because JL The Brand thought of everything, these socks also employ blended Cutec copper fibers to reduce odor and keep your tootsies fresh. 

A Glove-Like Fit

They ought to keep your downswing fresh, too: The well-being of your feet affects your stance, which affects more or less everything about your game. So good arch support is of utmost importance. JL The Brand’s performance line has a reinforced heel cup that joins forces with power arch technology to support you from the ground up. The socks even contour to your right and left feet for a glove-like fit. Soon you’ll start to wonder… what’s the most essential item in your golf bag? Your 5-iron, your driver, or your socks? 

And just in case you happen to be a fair-weather fairway fan, it goes without saying that these socks work wonders in all sporting environments. Whether you’re dribbling down a basketball court or chasing after your kids, JL The Brand’s fast-drying knits eliminate friction, prevent sliding, and keep you cool and comfortable. 

If your game could use an upgrade, why not start from the bottom up? These no-show socks might just become your new secret weapon. And, as JL The Brand likes to say, “your feet deserve the best!”