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Get Your Birdie Sleep

This National Make Your Bed Day, treat yourself to a bedroom upgrade

By Rose Truesdale

Get Your Birdie Sleep

By Rose Truesdale

Can you snooze your way to a hole-in-one? A good night’s sleep on a supportive, cooling mattress could provide the muscle recovery and mental clarity you need to kill it on the course. Before you start counting birdies, you’ll want to count some sheep on an Airweave mattress: The Japanese brand uses a non-toxic, recyclable plastic called airfiber® that offers consistent airflow to help your core body temperature get down and stay down. Airweave-funded studies have shown that this could induce the release of human growth hormone (HGH) to help strengthen and repair your hard-working muscles (read: improve performance). So what better time to treat yourself than National Make Your Bed Day on Sept. 11?

Airweave Portable

On-the-Go Slumber
Everyone loves a golf getaway, but travel can take its toll on your sleep. Luckily, the Airweave Portable Premium Bedding Topper allows you to recreate your ideal sleep environment just about anywhere. Lightweight enough to check as luggage and equally practical for road trips, the Portable offers consistent, high-quality sleep wherever the game takes you.

Airweave Hyperdown Duvet

Are You Down? 
Birdies of a feather flock together, but this Airweave Hyperdown Duvet might just conjure up an eagle or two. Cozy, lightweight, and every bit as effective as natural down, Airweave’s inventive hyperdown will keep you sweet dreamin’ the night before game day. And after? It looks so fluffy and inviting on your bed that you’ll want to dive right under for an undisturbed victory sleep.

Airweave Pillow

Pillow Talk
Every golfer requires a different kind of nighttime neck support. The Airweave Pillow contains one airfiber® ring core and two airfiber® inserts that allow you to customize your most comfortable sleep situation. It’s designed to suit every sleeping position under the moon (on your side, on your back, face down…) so you can breathe easy while you get that shuteye. And did we mention the breathable mesh cover?

Airweave Top Mattress

Top That
Top your bed with the soft yet firm Airweave Top Mattress to ease into your deepest, most restful sleep yet. This supportive, cooling, crème de la crème of mattress accessories will allow for full mind and body recovery the night before a big match. Turn off the lights, drop into REM, wake up, and carpe that golf course diem. Those golf balls won’t know what hit them!