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Man wearing Ministry of Supply Kinetic pants


Flex Time

Suit up in apparel engineered for motion that brings performance-level quality to professional style

Flex Time

Gihan Amarasiriwardena was a distance runner in college, so he knew firsthand the benefits of performance apparel — the comfortable fit, the moisture wicking, the way it flexed and stretched with the wearer’s body then returned to its original shape. As he moved into the working world, he wondered why he couldn’t find those qualities in business clothes and decided to do something about it. He was well positioned to do so, since that college had been MIT and his degree had been in chemical engineering.

The Performance Professional

In 2012 Amarasiriwardena joined forces with two partners — Aman Advani and Kit Hickey — to found Ministry of Supply, an apparel company that pioneered its own blend of business clothing and active wear that it calls “performance professional.” Now, the innovations the company brought to office wear are finding their way back into more casual clothes that are suitable for golfers. “We’ve come full circle,” said Ian Worgaftik, the company’s director of retail. “We started by bringing active wear to business, and now we’re branching into business-active for golf.” 

How nerdy is the company’s DNA? The name comes from James Bond — it’s the moniker of the lab run by Q, the fictional mastermind of 007’s many ingenious gadgets. Appropriately, a big part of what Ministry of Supply contributes to the golf scene is sophisticated methods of producing clothes that are both flexible and resilient. Flexible so they move with you without restriction, and resilient meaning that after stretching through your swing they return to their original shape, so you look as sharp coming off the course as you did stepping on the first tee. 

The company’s Kinetic pants feature Primeflex, a warp-knit material that combines the best attributes of woven and knit fabrics. Wovens, which typical dress shirts are made of, have criss-crossed fibers that hold their shape but tend not to stretch. Knits, commonly used of for T-shirts and the like, have a looser construction, so they more readily give, but once they’re stretched out they remain that way until washing. The hybrid warp-knit Primeflex provides the best of both – the structure of a woven with the stretch of knit. 

The Secret is in the Stretch

Meanwhile, the Momentum shorts and chinos include a blend of traditional materials with 12-percent Spandex, providing a four-way stretch fabric that offers freedom of movement but also springs back into shape. In addition, both lines – Momentum and Kinetic – utilize polyester, which inherently has some flex and shape memory. In the momentum items, the polyester is hollow-core with spun fibers, which means it's light but structured so it holds its shape. 

Call it the technology of looking good while maintaining the freedom to grip it and rip it. That’s how you make golf clothes if you’re a former distance runner and chemical engineer from MIT.