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Behind the Brim

Battling hat head? It turns out, the secret to a perfectly fitted cap might be inspired by your mattress.

Behind the Brim

What do you do if you wake up on the weekend and your hair looks like you slept in a blender? Slap on a hat and problem solved. But after a few hours that hat will start to get uncomfortable, and when you remove it your hair looks flatter than one of those bugs on the underside of a rock. The solution to each problem, it turns out, is to bring them together: hat head meet bed head

The Hat Game Gets a Tech Upgrade

“The Memory-fit comes in 36 styles, and we own the exclusive rights to it,” says Black Clover vice president Autumn Wehr. “Technology is built into everything we do.” Other features of Black Clover hats include proprietary designs that provide more sizing options to better fit a wider range of wearers, UV protection, and a wicking poly-tech performance material that is also antimicrobial. 

Black Clover, the rare apparel brand that offers a line of clothing but focuses on hats, has a selection of caps that feature the company’s Memory-fit technology, which infuses a ring of high-quality memory foam into the headband. The foam, the same stuff used in mattresses, is rock-a-baby-to-sleep soft and it molds to the unique contours of each wearer’s head, making it so comfy you won’t feel the need to take it off. 

The company was founded in 2008 by Bret Wayment, a former golf pro who reached four U.S. Opens. Then he got into the hat game, and naturally, his products took off first in the golf world, but all his garments carry a larger message that has allowed them to spread far beyond the greens and grill rooms. 

Live Lucky

The company motto “Live Lucky” is stitched into every hat and most of its other products, making them not just something to wear but a testament to a way of looking at the world. “The way we see it, luck is a choice,” explains the company’s website. “It’s a way of existing; a path of intention through the tangle of every day. To Live Lucky is to define luck on your own terms; to live authentically. It means attacking life head-on with a winner-takes-all attitude.”

More than a way to cover up your bed head; that is a reason to get out of bed in the first place.