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Stormy golf course


Soft Shell

Windbreakers for those gray days on the green

By Rose Truesdale

Soft Shell

By Rose Truesdale

A damp or chilly day on the course calls for the albatross of light jackets: something water-resistant, stretchy, lightweight, and sweat-wicking. For those of us ride-or-die golf cart compatriots; the fairway fans who are anything but fair-weather; the true blue all-weather green enthusiasts... only a windbreaker will do. See our favorites for men and women below.

Yoko Trusty Wind Jacket

Steely Blue
The Yoko Trusty Wind Jacket by J.Lindeberg features the modern shape, luxurious feel, and back zip pocket you want… alongside the windproof coverage and elastic hems you need. Regardless of how savage you are on the course, this shell will keep you looking polished.

Hooded Windbreaker

Highbrow Hoodie
The versatile Hooded Windbreaker by Linksoul isn’t just any hoodie. Its 4-way stretch linen texture, classic color blocking, and convenient full-zip closure are enough to seal the deal... but throw in a hood, and who could say no? Bonus: It’s comfortable and stylish enough to wear on and off the course.

Bond Windbreaker

Bond…Bond Jacket
The Bond Jacket by Redvanly is a real wunderkind. Its water resistant, 4-way stretch nylon-spandex blend make it ideal for all types of movement, and its clean lines and vaguely vintage vibes make it devastatingly hip. Let it shield you from the elements while you putt your stuff, and throw it in your duffle when the sun starts doing its thing.

Retro Jacket

The High 80s
The 80s are back, and if you don’t think you can pull off short shorts on the green, the Retro Jacket by Criquet is a wearable way to work the trend. Imagine cruising down the fairway in this throwback number as the wind whistles softly through your mullet. Sounds bodacious, right?

Ashland Windbreaker

No Cold Shoulders
The navy and white Ashland Windbreaker by Redvanly is stretchy enough to swing in (really). Its machine washable, water- and wind-resistant nylon will keep you cozy when temps drop, and it’s lightweight enough to fold it up and stash in your purse if the sun peeks out again.

East Hampton Garden Reflective Honeycomb Water Resistant Jacket

From Concentrate
Orange you glad you brought a jacket? The East Hampton Garden Reflective Honeycomb Water Resistant Jacket by Foray Golf is as multifaceted as your game. Its waterproof but breathable Swiss fabric, reflective honeycomb pattern that shines silver under direct light, and darling dolman sleeves are sure to start your game off on the bright foot.