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Airweave portable mattress topper


Sleep Easy

Score some shuteye while on the road with this high-tech mattress topper

By Michele Laufik

Sleep Easy

By Michele Laufik

By now, we’ve all heard about the benefits of a good night’s sleep—and all the things we continue to do that sabotage our shuteye. (We know, put down our phones.) But even if you practice perfect sleep hygiene at home, traveling can wreak havoc on your nighttime routine.

From loud next-door guests to see-through curtains to nightmare-inducing mattresses, hotel rooms can be a bit of a crapshoot when it comes to catching those 40 winks. And as Bleisure travelers know, waking up rested and refreshed is important for staying on top of your game in meetings and on the golf course.

If you want to make your accommodations as comfy as possible and just like home, consider packing a mattress topper like Airweave’s Portable. Yes, it might seem like a luxury to bring this with you when you travel, but it could make the difference between a restful, productive (under-par) trip and a miserable, groggy one.

Originally created in Japan for elite athletes, the hypoallergenic mattress topper is made using a proprietary airfiber® technology that was inspired by fishing line. The fibers are designed to offer better support than regular foam and spring mattresses, so you feel like you're floating on top rather than sinking in. Plus, the airflow helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night, resulting in a better, deeper sleep.

To develop its products, the company continues to work with athletes to conduct sleep research; their studies have shown improved sprint times and coordination after sleeping on Airweave mattresses. While you might not be running a 100-yard dash anytime soon, a tired brain does make it more difficult to coordinate and retain information, literally making your job harder.

Weighing 10 pounds, the portable topper easily rolls up like a yoga mat, fitting into its own carrying case. At 41 inches in length, when rolled in its case, the topper is slightly longer than a typical golf bag minus the clubs but is much lighter of course, and can be checked as luggage. Plus it’s easy to clean: simply throw the mattress cover in the wash and rinse the airfiber® core with water. And it doesn’t come with any sheep that need counting.