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Detroit Grooming pomade


Pomade in the Shade

If you're going to stash one product in your golf bag to help you clean up for the clubhouse, this should be it.

Lindsey Unterberger

Pomade in the Shade

Lindsey Unterberger

When you’re packing your golf bag for a day on the course, we’re betting tees, gloves and extra balls always make the cut. Seasoned players may even toss in sunscreen and spare socks. But no matter how much time they spend on the links, most guys don’t think about their hair.

That could be a mistake, said Mike Haddad, president and co-founder of Detroit Grooming Co. “If you look a certain way, you tend to play a certain way, and looking good gives you the confidence to play better,” said Mike. He recommends stashing a tub of pomade in your bag to help you improve your grooming game from the first hole to the clubhouse. 

For those with a high hairstyling handicap, pomades are used to add texture to the hair. They come in a wide variety of finishes and holds. To pick the pomade that’s right for you, the first thing you’ll want to do is decide whether you prefer a water- or oil-based option, says Mike.

Detroit Grooming Deluxe Pomade

Choose the Right Base

“The main difference is that a water-based pomade will rinse out easily, while an oil-based one is designed not to dry out, allowing you to rework your style as often as you’d like,” Mike said. “Our original Pomade is oil-based and one of our most popular products. It has a light-to-medium hold, (so) it's not going to stiffen up … You don’t have to worry if you wear a hat or there’s a torrential downpour, because it’s oil-based and has beeswax in it. You can pull out your comb and just brush right back through to put it back to the style you wanted it to be.” 

Next, Mike says to consider the end result you’re going for. Both oil- and water-based pomades come in a range of finishes, so either can be used to achieve a high-gloss, slicked-back style or a more subtle matte look. For the glossy effect, Mike likes the Detroit Grooming Co. Deluxe pomade. “That’s more akin to a gel, or what a gel used to impart, without the firmness,” he says. For a more natural style, he recommends the company’s Lo-Shine Pomade. 

Remember, Less is More

No matter which pomade you choose, the application technique is similar, said Mike. Warm up a small amount (it’s always better to start with less than you need and add more) by rubbing it between your palms. Then comb the hair forward, coat the underside with the product that’s on your hands, and use whatever is left to slick it back.

Sounds easy enough, right? Here’s to perfect hair, no matter how wild and windy your 18 holes may be.