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Jack Erwin dress shoes


Dress (Shoes) to Impress

Footwear goes from office to clubhouse.

By Rose Truesdale

Dress (Shoes) to Impress

By Rose Truesdale

Conundrum: You want to grab a post-game drink at the clubhouse with your buddies, but the “no golf shoes” dress code is a real party pooper. How can you hang without selling your sole or breaking the bank on fancy footwear?

Make friends with Jack Erwin’s line of loafers and oxfords. With their sleek curves and leather interiors, they’re reminiscent of luxury sport cars… or particularly stylish golf mates. They’re fancy yet affordable, and equally perfect for the office or a round of beers after a well-deserved 18 holes. So what do you say? Shall we get to know these dudes?


There’s just something about a guy in a square-toed loafer: something that says, “I’m a boss who hits birdie after birdie, but I don’t need to brag about it because… you’ll know.” Morton could boast about his full-grain calfskin upper from French and Italian tanneries, but he likes to keep his private life private, you know?


The "His Eagle Is No Fluke" Luke

Luke appreciates tradition. He reads the morning paper, drinks his scotch neat, and works the dress code better than anybody else at the club. He may have a medium round toe and a rounded penny keeper, but his angle of approach is on the money every time.


Joe is a simple man. His sole is pure, and his cap-toe is as elegant as his downswing. Buy him a craft beer after his perfectly on-par game. He’ll return the favor by turning a blind eye to your extra mulligan next time.


The man, the myth, the Walker. He’s lived a lot of life, and sure, he’s an established Adelaide oxford now… but rumor has it, he used to be a cleat. Let him regale you with his tales of golfing glory over a few pints. Are they all fluffy lies? Maybe, but who cares?