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Man on Scooter in Office-Friendly Golf Clothing


Business, Meet Pleasure

These office-friendly pieces are good to golf

By Deanna Pai

Business, Meet Pleasure

By Deanna Pai

This summer, make it your mission to spend more time outdoors — specifically, on the green. It’s prime golf season, after all, and you only have so much time to take advantage of long days, warm weather, and bright sunshine. So make a break for it a little early on Friday afternoons. Maximize your time at the club by making some slight tweaks to your usual wardrobe: Lose the tie, throw on a sweat-resistant button-down. All you need to worry about is whether you turned on your out-of-office reply.

The Business Blazer

This stretch blazer is formal enough for a client meeting, but roll up your cuffs and you’re ready to hit the driving range. The loose fit and stretchy fabric won’t mess with your extension, and the moisture-wicking abilities mean you won’t sweat it.

Serious Business Performance Blazer

The Extra Layer

If you’re squeezing in an early-morning round or planning to be out on the green after sunset, don’t forget this quarter-zip pullover. The subtle stripes give off a preppy vibe that won’t make waves on a not-so-casual Tuesday, and the extra layer ensures that you’ll be focused on your shot, not the temperature.

Clubhouse Quarter Zip

The No-Sweat Shirt

It may look like your average button-down, but looks can be deceiving – because this shirt is made of material invented by NASA to control astronauts’ body temperatures in space. No big deal. It offers 19 times more breathability than your average cotton tee and helps regulate your core temperature, so you won’t have a meltdown on a sunny afternoon.

Apollo 3 Dress Shirt

The Performance Pant

No one will guess that these neutral, tailored trousers are made from warp-knit Kinetic fabric that makes for easy mobility and comfort. They won’t stretch out, impede your swing, or force you to execute a bumbling outfit change in the office bathroom.

Kinetic Pant

The Classic Polo

A clean white polo won’t raise a single eyebrow once it’s layered under a jacket. The sleeves are designed to allow for a wide range of motion, and the lightweight fabric won’t feel stuffy once the game heats up. Plus, because odor-resistance is built into the fabric, a real overachiever could even head back to the office after a round with no one the wiser.

The Everywhere Shoes (and Lucky Socks)

These elegant shoes, which pair the ease of a boat shoe with the sleek look of a loafer, will make for quick on and off in the clubhouse locker room. Don’t forget a pair of charming socks that will look sharp peeking out of your leather loafers or your golf shoes.