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Tiger’s Tale
Woods and HarperCollins announce an upcoming memoir about the golfer’s life
  Jim Gorant // 10.16.2019

There’s a new participant in the race to tell the story of Tiger Woods’ amazing career and stunning win at the 2019 Masters: Tiger Woods.

Woods and HarperCollins Publishers announced Oct. 15 that Tiger would write “a candid and intimate narrative” spanning from his childhood to his rise, fall, and resurgence. The release did not include a publication date but pointed out, “This memoir is the first and only account directly from Woods, with the full cooperation of his friends, family, and inner circle.”

That’s likely because two other books on the life of Tiger are already in the works, both by well-known, award-winning golf journalists. Curt Sampson’s Roaring Back (Diversion Books, October 2019) and Michael Bamberger’s The Second Life of Tiger Woods (Simon & Schuster, March 2020) each promise expertly reported, skillfully written accounts by two guys who’ve been covering golf since Woods was an amateur. (Full disclosure: I’ve worked with both.) They’re unlikely to leave out any of the messy details, but, of course, they weren’t there for everything.

Only Tiger knows what he was thinking and how he was feeling throughout the highs and lows of his life. Woods, though, has long been a closed book, and his willingness to suddenly come clean about the ugly parts of his life story remains untested. Will he resist some self-preserving spin, especially with endorsement contracts, business partnerships, and appearance fees on the line? Who knows?

The smart bet may be to save up and buy all three. After all, there’s an old adage about sports books: The smaller the ball, the better the writing. Unless a flood of table tennis tomes hit the market, there may not be many better reading options than Tiger served three ways.

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