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Ode to the Reload
Golfers everywhere, rejoice! Oct. 17 is National Mulligan Day
  Jim Gorant // 10.16.2019

Happy National Mulligan Day!

On the exhaustive index of phony holidays listed on the National Day Calendar, Oct. 17 is National Mulligan Day, a celebration close to the hearts of golfers.

A mulligan is, of course, a do-over, a chance to replay a bad shot. Traditionally, it only applies to the opening tee shot of casual rounds, although many employ a one-per-round allotment to be used when most needed. President Bill Clinton famously took mulligans like aspirin, a generous form of executive privilege.  

The idea on National Mulligan Day is to give yourself, or others in your life who may have erred, a second chance or fresh start. That seems fair and possibly nobler than the original golf meaning, which is really a form of sanctioned cheating.

The appeal of golf, though, is all about chances. Rarely if ever does anyone hit a perfect shot or play a perfect round, but each swing, each putt, each trip to the course is another chance to get it right. That’s what makes the game so addicting. Mulligans are golfers’ shared acknowledgement of that jones.

So give someone, or yourself, another chance on National Mulligan Day. If you somehow miss the opportunity, you can have a do-over on Oct. 18.

Photo credit: Getty Images