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Golf to Grill

Kick off the summer with an easy post-game gathering

By Stephanie Shore Fisher

Golf to Grill

By Stephanie Shore Fisher

Now that Memorial Day is behind us, it's safe to say we're officially in grilling season. After 18 holes in the sun, there’s nothing better than tossing the clubs in the trunk, trading your golf shoes for flip flops, and hitting the patio with an icy cocktail in hand. Here’s how to make sure you won’t whiff the ultimate post-round cookout.

For the most laid-back green-to-grill transition, prep all your cookout components in advance. As it turns out, four hours – the length of the average round – is the perfect amount of time for seasoning steak, so tee up your T-bones before you leave. You can’t go wrong with a little adobo, but if you’re feeling feisty, try chili powder or paprika. Just make sure to take your steaks out when you get home so they can warm to room temperature before you cook them. This will ensure that nobody ends up with an uncooked center — the ultimate party foul.

Not in the mood for beef? Throw some chicken thighs and drumsticks in a resealable plastic bag, along with your favorite bottled BBQ sauce. By the time you’ve parked the cart, they’ll be marinated to perfection and ready to toss on the grill.  

Of course, your summer kickoff calls for a celebratory cocktail. Our friends at Owl’s Brew make a Citrus Sweet Tea mixer that pairs flawlessly with vodka for a refreshing drink. 

“It’s super light and mellow, so it’s not overpowering,” says Maria Littlefield, Owl’s Brew co-founder and president. 

“It’s perfect for the triple-D occasion: drinks, dip, and dusk,” adds Owl's Brew business development manager Grace Thompson.

This spiked sweet tea couldn’t be easier: Mix two parts Citrus Sweet Tea with one part vodka, stir, and serve over ice. You can combine everything but the ice ahead of time in a large lidded container with a spigot on the bottom, so you won’t have to step away from grillmaster duties to shake up individual drinks for your guests. Grace recommends adding garnishes like lemon slices, cucumber slices, mint, or basil and letting them sit for a while to add even more fresh flavor to the antioxidant-rich mixer, which is made from organic English Breakfast tea, lemon peel, and lime juice. “The longer it sits, the more flavorful it gets,” Maria notes.

To keep your cocktails cool, fill an ice bucket with custom cubes made from more Citrus Sweet Tea mixer. Maria suggests adding a little water so it’ll freeze well, and, if you really want to show off, small berries like blueberries and raspberries. As the ice melts, it’ll infuse the spiked tea instead of diluting it.

Dinner? Check. Drinks? Done. Now all that’s left to do is kick back and tease your buddy about that double-bogey on the sixth hole.