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Bag of Tricks

There’s more to these golf bags than meets the eye.

By Kaitlyn McInnis

Bag of Tricks

By Kaitlyn McInnis

Golf is difficult enough—a golf bag shouldn’t make things more complicated. That’s why Jones Sports Co. wants to simplify your search for the perfect bag. Quality, style, and attention to the needs of the individual golfer should all be taken into consideration, and every feature—single strap versus double strap, carry bag versus stand bag—should allow the player to enjoy the game to the greatest extent possible. Here, some of our favorite golf bags for every type of player.

Keep in mind that most golf bags can be functional for every player—it’s just a matter of deciding which experience you’re looking for on the course. Of course, there's also nothing wrong with having multiple bags to cycle based on your mood!

Original Jones Bag

OG (Original Golfer) 
The Original Jones Bag was created back in 1971 and has become one of the most iconic bags in the game, largely due to its simple style and weatherproof material. Made for the walking golfer, it boasts a single padded strap and tons of pockets for storing essentials. While it might be tempting to opt for a stand bag, a carry bag can really simplify the game and, in truth, is just as functional as a stand bag.

Utility Trouper™

You're a Trouper
Jones favors simple styles in unique colors and materials, and the Utility Trouper is a true testament to that guiding ethos. While this may look like a sleek, minimal golf bag, it’s actually packed with cool features—like a mesh Bluetooth speaker, eight pockets (including an insulated beverage pocket with a two-can capacity), and double shoulder straps with an added lumbar cushion to keep you feeling fresh all the way to the 19th hole. Custom embroidery options allow players to personalize their bags without logo interference.

Utility Rover™

Gray Rover, Gray Rover
The Utility Rover was made for players who like to have options—the modern golf bag can be carried using the iconic Jones single strap or the Utility Series double strap. Plus, it only weighs about three pounds, which is something to seriously consider if you prefer to walk the full 18 holes.

Players Series #001

Modern Monochrome
The Players Series bag oozes class and sophistication thanks to its minimal aesthetic and chrome hardware. Good looks aside, this monochromatic bag boasts three pockets, including a mesh sleeve for water bottles and a padded single strap for extra comfort.