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Ice Ice Baby

The coolest coolers for tailgating

By Embry Roberts

Ice Ice Baby

By Embry Roberts

Hear us out: We get that a golf tournament doesn’t carry quite the same tailgating cache as, say, a football game, or country music concert. But tailgating responsibly is a fun way to get together with friends ahead of your favorite event.

While your favorite pro is warming up for their first shot, meet your friends and go ahead and  enjoy a nice, civilized, cold beverage of your choice -- if allowed by the club. These coolers from Hudson Sutler will make it easy to take your party to go (and keep it going all day long). Just be sure to stash any leftovers in your car before you head in to watch – the PGA and individual clubs have their own set of rules about what you can bring.

Chatham Cooler Pack

Strapping Young Thing

What’s cooler than being cool? A cooler you can wear like a backpack. This one’s thick, padded straps won’t dig into your shoulders, and its water-repellent exterior and heat-sealed waterproof liner keep unwanted drips from getting in or out. Zippered pockets can hold your shades, sunscreen, cell phone, speaker, keys and snacks, so you’re free to hold your drink.

So Hard-core

This cooler has all the durability of a hard-shell clunker dressed up in a classic canvas exterior. It holds 18 beers or 6 bottles of wine, and a reinforced bottom and heavyweight handles will ensure they stay safe (and cold) until you’re ready to drink. Also a great option to bring to the beach.

Hill Country Cooler Bag - 18 Pack

Ross Cooler Bag - 30 Pack

Big Batch

If your crew rolls deep, this super-sized cooler – which can hold up to 30 beers or 8 bottles of wine – is the way to go. A full half-inch of insulation and a durable welded waterproof liner – the kind usually used for life rafts – takes care of business, while a zippered flip-top for easy access is all party.