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Performance golf hats


Hat Trick

High-performance hats to top off your game

Hat Trick

When you’re packing your golf bag for a day on the course, a hat might seem like an afterthought. But the right hat could play an important role in the health of your game. A hat is a simple way to shield your face from the sun, and while sun protection is a good idea all year round, it’s particularly important in the summer. A hat also serves to keep hair under control, preventing it from skewing your shot on a windy day, and prevents bright, sunny weather from impacting your vision. After all, it’s tough to come in under par when you’re squinting to see the cup.

Performance Hat

Beat the Blues
Stay cool on the green with a crisp white hat that reflects away sunlight. Waterproof fabric will help keep you cool if a close game or the summer sun makes you sweat. And with the cheeky blue golf cart etched onto the front, everyone will know how you’re spending your Saturday afternoon.

Players Tech Hat

Logo For It
Wearing a golf brand logo on the course is like wearing your heart on your sleeve—and in this case, that’s a good thing. The flexible hat is made of a lightweight, quick-drying mesh material, and the logo will win you some respect among other diehard golfers (or Murray fans).

Pro Luck Tech 3

Best of Luck
Maybe it was all that practice you did on your backswing, or maybe it was the four-leaf clover on this hat that put you in birdie territory. No one will ever know. Beyond being a good-luck charm, it offers a snug fit and built-in UV protection to shield you from the dreaded “golf tan.”

Angus Tech Stretch Cap

It's a Sign
Donning this cool J.Lindeberg logo is like saying “game on” to other golfers: it’s subtler than a designer brand, but still packs plenty of style. This classic hat is made with a breathable fabric to offer extra comfort on the green.

Signature Crest Trucker Mesh and Twill Baseball Cap

Keep Trucking
If a trucker hat gives you flashbacks to the early 2000s, give us a few sentences to make our case. First of all, it’s emblazoned with a crest, which is too fancy for anyone to ever confuse you with an over-the-hill reality star. Secondly, the mesh panels that make it a trucker hat also give it breathability and moisture-wicking abilities. Convinced?