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Linksoul Make Par Not War Cap


Make Par, Not War

How Linksoul is helping veterans heal, one sale at a time.

By Embry Roberts

Make Par, Not War

By Embry Roberts

“There’s gotta be a bigger picture,” said Linksoul founder John Ashworth. 

“I think in today’s world, people and companies need to look at their communities, get involved and try to make a difference. We’re all on a hamster wheel anyway – we might as well help each other out.”

Ashworth practices what he preaches when it comes to his southern California-inspired line of golf clothing and equipment. Linksoul has rallied behind a number of nonprofit and community causes – including Warrior Canine Connection, which helps train service dogs and pair them with recovering combat veterans.

“(Linksoul co-founder Geoff Cunningham) and I were doing another brand together called Fidra during the whole Iraq conflict after 9/11, and we were really bummed out,” John explained. “We were in the car one day talking heatedly about how golf could change the world, if people just played more golf and put the guns down.”

The conversation sparked the phrase, “make par, not war,” which has become a mantra for the brand. “We’re promoting peace – that’s the bottom line,” said John. “It’s not in any way anti-military. We live in Oceanside, near (U.S. Marine Corps base) Camp Pendleton. We support our troops. But we want to promote peace.”

For Linksoul, that meant designing a special line of “Make Par / Not War” items, from which ten percent of sales support Warrior Canine Connection programs. “I can’t tell you how many military people reach out to us and love it,” said John. “It’s just a really cool thing.”

 Watch the video for more on how this doggone wonderful organization is helping veterans heal – then shop the “Make Par / Not War” collection.