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What to Pack: Desert Golf-cation

Everything you need for an unforgettable weekend in the sun

By Kaitlyn McInnis

What to Pack: Desert Golf-cation

By Kaitlyn McInnis

There’s something truly entrancing about the desert. Between the seemingly endless horizon by day and the star-studded skies by night, the Southwest makes for a breathtaking vacation spot. That said, the intensity of the desert climate—think sweltering days and subzero nights—can be challenging to pack for, especially if you plan on spending your days outside. We’ve put together a desert-ready packing checklist that’ll ensure you have everything you need. Now all you have to worry about is perfecting your swing… and finding the perfect poolside bar.

Heritage Golf Towel

Desert by Design
You’re going to want to make sure you have a golf towel tucked into your bag somewhere. Not only will this guarantee your clubs stay pristine throughout your round, but it’s also ideal for taking care of any sweaty palms. The Heritage Golf Towel by LEUS is a great option: It evokes the spirit of the desert and, even better, it’s crafted from 100% sustainably sourced materials.

Dw Tactical

Handmade in Nova Scotia, Canada, from U.S. military-spec materials, the DW Tactical club cover will ensure your clubs stay protected from the elements—think wind, intense heat, and whatever else the desert throws your way.

Utility Trouper™

Super Trouper
Large yet lightweight, the Utility Trouper stand bag by Jones Sports Co. is ideal for hitting the desert links. You’ll appreciate its portability when that desert sun is beating down on you. It’s also designed to be comfortable for the long haul thanks to its easy-grab handle, double shoulder straps, and added lumbar cushion.

Club Palms Tee

Tee Time
Let’s be honest: If you’re spending your afternoon outside in the desert, you’re going to get sweaty. When it comes to your t-shirts, you’ll likely be more comfortable in something made from 100% cotton, like the Club Palms tee. Cotton is quick drying and will allow you to get away with going straight from the 18th to the 19th hole without having to change.


Fancy Pants
When packing for a getaway, you’ll want to prioritize your most versatile items, like the breathable and lightweight Clubhouse Pants by State Apparel. Built-in wiping elements in the side and rear pockets—plus an integrated cuff for your palms and clubs—mean you can zero in on your game rather than your sweaty hands.

Riomar Performance Cap

Cap in Hand
If there’s one essential you absolutely shouldn’t leave the hotel without (other than water!), it’s a good cap. The Riomar Performance Cap combines a lightweight, breathable fabric with a soft structured profile, providing much-needed shade from the sun without insulating your head.

Men's Volume 1

Street Style
If you’re trying to avoid checking a big piece of luggage, take extra care to curate your shoes. Look for a pair of golf shoes you can also wear with jeans or shorts and a tee. We like the Tomo Volume 1: They’re made for the fairway but certainly look more like a cool pair of sneakers than your dad’s golf shoes.