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Two Can Play

Coordinated looks to help you honeymoon in style

By Kaitlyn McInnis

Two Can Play

By Kaitlyn McInnis

Coordinated clothing for couples has been trending in Japan, China, and especially South Korea for years now, but it’s just started trickling into the U.S. And if there’s ever a time to try it out… it’s on your honeymoon, of course! Whether you’re averse to PDA or you can’t get enough of showing off your boo, planning matching outfits for the ultimate romantic getaway is about as sweet as it gets. Here, we’ve pulled two outfits to help you match with your sweetheart, on and off the golf course.

For the Course
Aloha Yay
Pulling off a Hawaiian shirt isn’t so easy at home, but on vacation? It totally works. The Aloha Polo by Sunday Crew isn’t your typical Hawaiian-style shirt, either: It’s sleek and bold, with a weathered texture that suggests that you pulled it from a curated vintage shop. Both the men’s and women’s shirts tout a moisture-wicking, anti-wrinkle fabric, making them easy to throw in your suitcase and wear again and again.

Pique Chic
Hawaiian shirts are bold, and matching your spouse is even bolder—which is why we recommend going with a solid bottom to balance out your respective looks. The Black Baby Pique Motion Skirt from EleVen by Venus is stylish and practical thanks to its compression shortie liner, while the Solid Tech Pant by Bobby Jones is equipped with antibacterial properties and UPF protection.

For the Resort

Blue ’Moon
Off the green, you’ll want something that will fare just as well for relaxing by the pool as it will for dinner and drinks, and matching shades of baby blue are just the thing. We like the Elsi Dress by J.Lindeberg for its sporty chic vibes and comfy cotton blend. Match it to the Ace Polo by Bald Head Blues, which is made from some of the softest cotton in the world (with a little spandex for added comfort).

Midnight Sun
A matchy-matchy couple’s outfit doesn’t have to be totally literal to achieve the desired result. Coordinating colorways go a long way: The Donna Cool Down Blazer by Hedge and Murray Classic Pant share the same striking midnight blue shade, which will keep you in step while allowing the aforementioned baby blue to do the talking.