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Hawaiian Golf Course


Luau to Links

The top 5 golf courses to play in Hawaii

Luau to Links

Let's be honest: You can only spend so many hours loafing on the beach before you get the itch to swing a club around. Luckily, Hawaii has no shortage of beautiful places for you to tee up. shares five of the best courses the islands have to offer.

Mike Bailey/Golf Advisor

It's a long trip from the east coast of the United States, but I've been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time in Hawaii.

I have family on the North Shore, who I visit each holiday season, and I've played golf on every island.

As the PGA Tour kicks off its calendar year in the Aloha State, I shared my Top 5 courses to play in Hawaii on Golf Channel's Morning Drive.

Hawaii isn't a cheap golf destination by any stretch, but each island has at least one great bargain course. So below I've also shared my best value course on each island. 

Ginella's top 5 courses to play in Hawaii