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Course to Coachella Valley

5 essential sunglasses for your Palm Springs vacation

By Deanna Pai

Course to Coachella Valley

By Deanna Pai

We’ve long known the Palm Springs area as home to golf courses that offer the best of everything: lush grounds, stunning mountain views, and perennially sunny weather. But while those palms are picturesque, they don’t do much in terms of shade—so you’d better pack your sunglasses or risk going a whole round without a good shot. 

If you’re headed to Palm Springs and want to optimize your suitcase for course-hopping and pool party-hopping, you need to be strategic. These shades from Sundog are cool enough to wear on the green, around town, on the tram, and everywhere in between.

Tortoiseshell Touch

Tortoiseshell is a go-to for a reason: It’s polished enough not to offend the ladies who lunch at the (golf) club, but still cool enough to wear in a street-style pic. For that reason, these classic tortoiseshell shades are like the LBD of sunglasses – and they’ll guarantee you can see your target line clearly every single time.

Fit for Flight

With a cool pair of aviators – which were designed to help pilots handle harsh sunlight at high altitudes – you’ll be able to line up your shot even in the blinding glare of the sun. With a retro shape and irreverent vibe that give off boho vibes, they’re the smartest angle of approach.

Sibella Polarized

Power Pink

These wayfarer-shaped sunglasses will instill fear and probably jealousy in everyone who opted for muted pastels. The bright pink color is dual-purpose: Not only does it add personality to your game, but your friends will always be able to find you in a crowd.


Back in Black

There’s something about a pair of unfussy black frames that makes everyone stop talking and take a big step back from the tee box when you’re up. But don’t worry: The copper lenses keep these from looking like your dad’s shades, while the adjustable nose pads make them comfortable enough to wear all day.  

Razor TrueBlue Lens

Well Red

Only the confident need apply – translucent red frames give these sunglasses a bold look. A classic shape keeps them from being too Lolita for tee time, but the color ensures that all eyes will stay on you once you get to the clubhouse.