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Fancy Feet

From corner office to country club, we’ve got you covered.

By Rose Truesdale

Fancy Feet

By Rose Truesdale

At your desk or on the green, there’s nothing like a little flair peeking out from beneath the hem of your pants. And if you happen to be in the market for a golf buddy, sporting a statement print can be a birdie of a conversation starter in the locker room.

So where do you score such a pair? JL The Brand offers a luxurious array of soft, breathable American-made socks in playful patterns galore. Wear them all day with a suit, and continue wearing them when you duck out of the office early for putting practice. We won’t tell: in fact, we encourage playing hooky to perfect your hook… especially in these designs.

Navy Polkas

Sweet Spot(s)

Posh yet unpretentious, a classic polka dot pattern never goes out of style. These socks are made of American pima cotton – the ‘cashmere of cotton’, if you will – and come in six different color combinations. You’ll always look spot-on while spot putting in these babies.

Parrr, Matey!

Maybe you’re a rebel. If you’ve been banned from the club for revving your golf cart engine and doing donuts on the driving range – or if you’re just more into leather jackets than loafers – we’ve got the sock for you. Bonus: It comes in seven different color combinations.

Light Rust Skull & Bones

Red & White Candy Stripe

Earn Your Stripes

Perhaps you’re a really sweet guy: You always tip your caddy, and you don’t call out your competitor’s mulligans (they won’t help him, anyhow!). In this case, we suggest JL The Brand’s ‘Candy Stripe’ socks. They’re available in six color combinations, so you can sport sweet feet almost every day of the week… and they’re machine washable, for the seventh. 


Are you the king of the course? Of course you are! If you hit eagle after eagle and other golfers bow down to your swing (in your dreams, at least), you need JL The Brand’s crown print socks in your life. Available in five different shades, these socks will have your fellow golfers bidding good game to you, your majesty.

Deep Beige Crowns