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SPF: Sun Protective Fashion

If your child is hitting the links this sping, invest in UPF clothing for extra protection.

Lindsey Unterberger

SPF: Sun Protective Fashion

Lindsey Unterberger

One of the best parts about sending your child to golf camp is knowing that he or she will spend the majority of the day outdoors (read: not in front of a screen for once). All that time in the sun comes with one major downside, though: exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause nasty sunburns in the short term and major skin damage over time. While nothing can replace a broad-spectrum sport sunscreen that’s religiously reapplied every 80 minutes, the right material can help temper the sun’s effects – especially if slathering your kiddo in SPF is more challenging than a bunker shot on a windy day.

Get to Know UPF

That's where you might want to look to UPF clothing for extra protection. Unfamiliar with the UPF acronym? It stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, and it serves as a rating system that’s similar to SPF (sun protection factor), which is used for sunscreens.

While all clothing provides some degree of protection – with dark, tightly woven fabrics offering more than their lighter, looser counterparts – apparel that comes with a UPF logo has been specifically tested and shown to block ultraviolet light. Much like SPF in sunscreen, UPF clothing is available in a range of strengths, and a higher number indicates more protection provided. A 25 UPF, for example, allows about four percent of ultraviolet radiation to pass through it, while a 50+ UPF allows less than two percent.

Woven into Style

In the past, UPF clothing wasn’t always the coolest in terms of style – but junior golf apparel company Garb is changing that, at least for the kids. Much of the brand’s fun, brightly-colored golf and resort wear for infants, toddlers and older children features sun-protective fabric.

Shop some of Garb's newest UPF pieces, which boast either a 35 or 50+ UPF rating, below. And don’t forget to add a hat and a pair of sunglasses for extra protection – not to mention less glare, which always makes for a better shot!