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Golf Camp Starter Pack

5 wardrobe essentials to buy for your kid’s first day of golf camp

By Lindsey Unterberger

Golf Camp Starter Pack

By Lindsey Unterberger

If you’re signing your son up for golf lessons this spring or summer, chances are you’ve given some thought to the clubs he’ll need and the shoes he’ll wear… but what about his wardrobe? Stock up on the essentials now, and you’ll never have to hear the dreaded, “Mom, all my shirts are dirty!” or “Dad, can I just wear basketball shorts today?” Consider this your golf camp starter pack. It’ll tee up stylish looks for him—and easier mornings for you.

Carson - Youth Boys Striped Polo

Par-fect Polos
A collared shirt is par for the course, so make sure your junior golfer has a week’s worth of polos at the ready. A few color-coordinated striped and solid versions, like the Carson and Ben styles from Garb, make it easy for him to mix and match outfits every day. These high-performance tops are made with moisture-wicking material, so he’ll stay cool under pressure. 

Matthew: Boys Pullover
Layer It On Me 
No matter how much your kid tells you that he’s never, ever cold and definitely does not need a jacket… you know there are times when he does. Skip the argument and stash the lightweight, ultra-soft Matthew 1/4 Zip Performance Pullover in his bag at all times. He’ll thank you on those unseasonably cool, cloudy days (not that he’ll admit it, of course). 

Zach - Boys Golf Shorts

Short(s) Game
Leave the staid plaid shorts for your grandfather. The new crop of Zach Shorts come in wear-with-everything white and feature an adjustable waistband, so finding a comfortable fit is never an issue. One more reason for parents to love them? They don’t wrinkle and hold up to loads of washes.

Bubba - Boy's Golf Pants

Long Shot
Just in case the temperature drops or the bugs come out to play, it’s always good to have a pair of golf pants in the mix. Bubba Pants are made of polyester and spandex, meaning it’s both durable and lightweight – good news for your youngster who only likes the feel of track pants. 

Blaine Youth Boys Belt

Buckle Up
A good belt does double duty, looking dapper and keeping everything tucked in place. The charcoal gray color and brushed nickel buckle of the Blaine Belt complements any outfit, and the fact that it’s one-size-fits all makes it a guaranteed hole-in-one.