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Sundog Eyewear


With Flying Colors

5 colored sunglasses to wear on the green.

By Deanna Pai

With Flying Colors

By Deanna Pai

Colored lenses are having something of a revival—and while you might associate them with the peace, love, and Woodstock set, new frames and shades keep them planted in this century. They’re an easy, low-pressure way to bust out of a style rut without risking a faux pas on the fairway, and not so over-the-top that they’ll cause anyone to clutch their pearls when you come in for a post-round drink. Here, a few styles from Sundog that take the retro out of colored lenses and bring them up to 2019.

Into the Blue

Can we all agree that blue is basically an honorary neutral? If the thought of colored lenses makes you want to grab your usual black-tinted shades and run, A) slow down and B) try these sharp shades, which come off modern and polished thanks to their clean lines and metal details.



Lady Di

Go for Gold

With a fade almost as good as the one you hit last weekend, these yellow-orange lenses feature a subtle ombré effect that’ll make everyone else’s monochrome sunglasses seem so three rounds ago. The otherwise simple black frames keep all the focus where you want it: on the colored lenses.

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Keep Your Eyes Tealed

What’s cooler than cool? You, no matter how hot it is on the green, thanks to this funky pair of shades. The combination of teal lenses and an aviator frame makes for the best kind of throwback. Put them on and prepare to feel so on par that you play an eagle.




Violet Hour

Who needs rose-colored glasses when you can have violet? Dusky purple lenses are pretty and unexpected, while a feminine frame means you can wear them on and off the fairway. Bonus: They’re dark enough that none of your friends will be able to spot you sizing up their alignment.

Sky High

If your idea of a bold fashion move is undoing the top button on your polo, loosen up and try this pair of subtle sky-blue shades. The translucent tint is easy to pair with your usual golf slacks, while the no-nonsense black frames make it clear that you’re the type of person who’s never once gotten the yips.

Fringe Polarized