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Women golfing wearing Chase 54 skorts


The Long and Skort of It

We can think of plenty of reasons to revisit this schoolgirl staple.

By Deanna Pai

The Long and Skort of It

By Deanna Pai

There’s a place and time for everything – and for skorts, that just so happens to be an afternoon on the golf course. If you’ve been schlepping around the green in pants (too hot), a skirt (high-maintenance), or shorts (…chafing), there’s good reason to consider a skort. Though you might not have worn one since it was part of your school-mandated gym uniform in junior high, skorts – or, for the uninitiated, skirts with shorts attached underneath – are well-suited for light outdoor activity and deserve a place in your golf wardrobe.

Woman golfing wearing a Chase 54 Glee skort
Skorts don’t merit the sort of frumpy reputation they usually get. After all, they offer both the elegant, polished look of skirts and the worry-free coverage of shorts. They have an obvious utilitarian advantage (read: no wardrobe malfunctions), and their often soft, stretchy material makes them comfortable and easy to move in. Not coincidentally, skorts are still a staple on the tennis court and in the running world.

Because they’re a hybrid, skorts are inherently one of the more versatile clothing items out there, which might be why they look as at home in the clubhouse as they do on the green. They can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair with them. They also lend a more formal vibe than shorts alone – and unlike pants, they aren’t restrictive or encumbering.

While skorts are usually filed firmly in the activewear section of your local department store, designers are thinking beyond plain, performance-focused styles. Now, pretty details like pleats and ruffles elevate the look of skorts. Though they’re still very much suited for the golf course, these updates make them easier to wear everywhere else, too.

If you have yet to sport a skort on the golf course, no sweat: If you’re wary, start with one in a neutral shade – like black, gray, or white – and pair it with a similarly colored top for a cool, monochromatic look. A loose, untucked t-shirt in a different (but still neutral) shade, like navy, makes a more casual skort companion and is easy to top with a cozy sweater if you have post-round plans for the night. 

No need to limit your skort-scapades to golf weather. In the fall and winter, pair it with a chunky sweater. Consider adding a leather or moto-style jacket for warmth (and to cancel out that activewear vibe) and layer black tights underneath to transform it into a fashion statement. By the time you’re ready to tee up again, you might just need to spring for a second style.