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Prints Charming

Because let’s be real, you have enough striped shirts

By Embry Roberts

Prints Charming

By Embry Roberts

We like a nice argyle as much as the next person. But sometimes, we want our golf clothes to feel a little more like we’re off to have a good time, and a little less like we’re children being forcibly wrestled into our Sunday best. Enter the playful designs from William Murray Golf, the chill guy’s golf brand started by actor Bill Murray and brothers Brian, Joel, John, Andy, and Ed.

In the haus of Murray, fun inspires style and nothing is meant to be taken too seriously. The designs tell the Murray family’s stories through their love of golf, their family heritage and Bill’s iconic movies. The brand’s goal is to give customers choices that fall along a spectrum of personality, while still being sophisticated and fun.

Sometimes, that looks like Bill requesting extra pockets because he wants a place to stash his cigars – as he did for the El Borracho button-down. Sometimes, it looks like a print inspired by Bill’s favorite liquor (tequila, of course) and the Murray brothers’ passion for good times. Who else would make a shirt that lets you wear your love of drinking literally on your sleeve, like the Round of Shots polo does? 

Bike Caddy Polo

Sometimes, the design inspiration is more sentimental – as in the case of the Bike Caddy Polo, an homage to Bill and the brothers loading clubs on their bikes and riding to the club to caddy as teenagers. (Read more about the brothers’ caddying days here.) There are styles inspired by Bill’s roles in “The Life Aquatic” and “What About Bob?” There’s even one inspired by Murray family friend and brand ambassador Pat Perez.

The Irreverent Button Down

And sometimes, it’s just a new twist on a classic – like The Irreverent, a long-sleeve button down inspired by Bill’s golf wardrobe. With an allover tartan pattern from the Murray family crest; subtle accents at the sleeve, collar and buttons; and a light 4-way stretch fabric equipped with moisture wicking technology; it promises to deliver a dose of Murray swagger from first tee to clubhouse drinks.

When it comes to designing unique golf attire, William Murray Golf isn’t afraid to take a risk – and insists on laughing along the way. Whether you’re a diehard Murray fan or a casual Murray enthusiast, you’ll find something that fits the, er, Bill.