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Pop Stroke

Easy ways to show your par-sonality on the course

By Rose Truesdale

Pop Stroke

By Rose Truesdale

Khaki trousers and monochrome polos are golf course staples, of course—but eccentric dressing has owned a piece of the links since day one (tartan newsboy caps topped with pom-poms, anyone?). Today, you can let your freak flagstick fly with a fresh crop of quirky statement pieces that will suit even the most out-there par-sonality. Read on for our favorites.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple of Your Eye
Talk about a headcover with (fruit) punch! The Pineapple Express by Dormie Workshop protects any driver club head with padded Italian leather and a water-wicking cotton and polyester interior. No matter the weather, you can rest assured that your driver is enjoying sweet, sweet coverage.


Jungle Bogey
Why wear a plain polo when you can work a leopard/cockatoo/palm tree print on the links? Bad Birdie’s Wildlife Polo fits like a (golf) glove, catalyzes conversations with fellow clubhouse non-conformists, and comes with the added bonus of being moisture-wicking and machine-washable. 

Men's Black Innovator 1.0 Golf Shoe

Chameleon on the Green
At first glance, the Men’s Black Innovator 1.0 Golf Shoe by JACK GRACE appears to be just another devastatingly stylish pair of black sneakers. But wait—this is actually a technicolor dream shoe with interchangeable modular saddles in every print and color (floral, camo, sharks, and more). Hidden magnets allow you to swap saddles for a different look every time, and a waterproof leather upper offers flair and function.

Tiger Golf Towel

It’s Grrrrrreat
When you need to dab your forehead during a nail-biter of a ninth hole or wipe down your club after a divot extravaganza, why not reach for something a little more festive than your average hanky? The Tiger Golf Towel by LEUS is an antimicrobial, highly absorbent, and undeniably splashy nod to the ’90s. Let your partner hear you roar!

Round Of Shots Shorts

One Tequila, Two Tequila...
If you’re still craving shots after sinking all of yours, look no further than the Round of Shots Shorts by William Murray Golf. Featuring a spirited design made up of agave plants, tequila bottles, salt shakers, and citrus fruits, these boozy bottoms are par-fect for post-game happy hour. Or you can simply wear your revelry and skip the hangover.

The Wall

Not for Wallflowers
If you thought graffiti had no place on the golf green, think again. Each of Dormie Workshop's The Wall club head covers features a different portion of a Swade Owens original print, so no two pieces are exactly alike. Designed to fit most blades, fat backs, and center-shafted blade putters, this 100% leather cover might just turn putting practice into a masterpiece.