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Men wearing neutral basics


Not Quite Neutral

Bye, khaki. Meet your new arsenal of easy-wearing basics

By Kaitlyn McInnis

Not Quite Neutral

By Kaitlyn McInnis

Let’s be real: Sometimes, it’s easier just to throw on something black or white and call it a day. But wearing neutrals all the time can get a little boring. That’s exactly why we like adding a few pops of muted color to the mix. Shades like olive green, eggplant, and terra cotta are rich and interesting rather than dull and predictable, and they’ll spice up your wardrobe while still being easy to match and to wear. Below are some of our favorite not-quite-neutral pieces.

Passage Pant

I Want It Olive
If you find yourself reaching for that same old trusty pair of jeans more often than not, we’ve found a fresh alternative. The Passage Pant by Olivers boasts four-way stretch, a gusseted crotch for freedom of movement, and stylish stainless steel buttons and rivets. Bonus: It’s just as comfy as a pair of jeans.

Convoy Tee

Well Red
Is there anything better than a super-soft, perfectly fitted tee? This burnt red 100% merino wool t-shirt easily transcends seasons due to its versatile color and innovative fabric, which resists odor and regulates body temperature. Wear it while you’re sweating it out at the gym, or pair it with a blazer and jeans for a more elevated look.

All Over Short

Crimson Dreams
These versatile crimson shorts add just the right amount of color to your morning run or afternoon BBQ. They’re crafted from a luxurious moisture-wicking fabric that’s both breathable and soft. There’s also a subtle inner pocket for your everyday essentials.

Porter Hoodie

Cobalt Blues
Nope, this isn’t your well-worn college hoodie — it’s even better. The Porter Hoodie is crisply tailored in an athletic cut that can easily take you from casual Fridays at the office to your Saturday morning run. The best part? It’s just as comfortable as it is classic, thanks to its soft merino and terrycloth fabric.

Transit Sweatpant

Pretty in Ink
Stylish sweatpants are possible — and they come in the form of the Transit Sweatpant from Olivers. The blended fabric offers the utility of cotton with the warmth and luxurious softness of merino, creating the perfect balance for whatever’s on the agenda — whether that’s getting in a workout or indulging in a lazy night at home.