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No Iron Required

Try these shortcuts to a perfectly crisp collar

By Rose Truesdale

No Iron Required

By Rose Truesdale

Fact: A droopy collar is the bogey of the menswear world. A poppin’ (if not necessarily popped) collar ought to frame your face, protect your neck from the sun’s rays, and invite the occasional “lookin’ sharp!” from fairway friends. But an unkempt, clumsy collar? Quite the opposite: we’re talking clubhouse jabs like, “Did you sleep next to the 18th hole, bud?” The secret to taking your collar from pooped to popped is none other than the humble collar stay, a tiny strip of metal or plastic that adds weight to each tip of your collar and keeps it in place. You can stash a standalone set of them in your duffel, or go for shirts with removable stays included. Whichever route you choose, you’ll be on your way to crisp collar par-fection.

Dash Men’s Ss Polo

Stays and Stripes Forever
The Dash Men’s SS Polo by Chase 54 features moisture-wicking stretch fabric in a classic horizontal stripe. Topstitching-reinforced seams make for a super sturdy shirt, and a powder-coated collar stay keeps you looking smart regardless of how you’re playing.  

Ore Men’s Ss Polo

Ironclad Collar
The Ore Men’s SS Polo by Chase 54 in platinum features a collar so crisp, it might as well be made of actual iron. Stretch fabric with reinforced topstitching on the seams means you’ll be less creaky tinman, more man of steel.

Terrain Men's Ss Polo

Stay Groovy
A crisp collar implies that the wearer is many things: meticulous, successful, and in possession of a flawless follow-through, to name a few. However, not until the Terrain Men’s SS Polo by Chase 54 has a crisp collar implied the wearer is funky. Are those crop circles? Cartographic experiments? Wherever this print came from, we can dig it.

The Players Shirt

Keep Calm and Golf On
Inspired by vintage golf shirts, the Players Shirt by Criquet is made of ridiculously soft 100% organic cotton jersey. In fact, you might fear that such a soft shirt would bear a limp collar after a long day on the green, but no! This baby features the best of both worlds (strong and supple)––and he’s handsome, too.

Noonan Stripe Striped Players Shirt

The Collar Stands Alone
The  traditional 4-button placket Noonan Stripe Striped Player’s Shirt manages to look sharp and laid-back at the same time, thanks to its 100% cotton jersey fabric and removable collar stays. Plus, it’s versatile enough to go from fairway bunker to BBQ.

Stretch Players Shirt

Stay Stretchy
With this Stretch Players Shirt, Criquet took their beloved signature polo and added a tiny bit of stretch for the ultimate in movement. The fabric’s 92% pima cotton (and, yes, 8% spandex) blend makes for an uninhibited downswing, and the removable collar stays ensure that your collar won’t feel the effects.