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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

Gifts that match the vibe of the head of your tribe

By Embry Roberts

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

By Embry Roberts

If you’re reading our Mother’s Day gift guide, we’ll go ahead and assume that your mom loves golf. But we’ll also assume that’s not all she loves. She made you who you are, so give her something that shows you see her as more than the person who taught you how to walk and talk… to say nothing of the motor skills you use on the course to this day. Read on for our best ideas. 

First Lady of Your Heart

To anyone else, she’s so refined it’s almost scary. But to you, she’s just mom. And if she’s going to insist on wearing pearls to the driving range, you might as well get her a cashmere cardigan to match. Throw in a set of chic golf tees, and you just might snag yourself an extra weekend at the family timeshare in the Hamptons.

Mom Voyage

Between cruises and hikes, she’s always plotting her next great adventure, and she’s made your life bigger in so many ways. Help her stay safe and comfortable – wherever she goes – with a punchy pair of shades. This Paula Creamer-approved pair will do stylish double duty on any golf course or golf-cation.

She’s Not Like a Regular Mom, She’s a Cool Mom

She knows more about the hottest reality TV shows than you do, and she’s never met an outlet mall she didn’t like. Save her a trip and buy her a trendy jacket to throw on with her trusty golf digs. After all, she’s not really a khaki kind of gal.

Thank You, Mother Earth

She taught you to meditate at age six, and she’s been making her own almond milk since before most people knew an almond could be milked. Show her you appreciate her crunchy vibes with a comfy pullover she can wear from the farmer’s market to the fairway.

She’s a Good Sport

Sure, as a kid, you might have rolled your eyes at the way she gloated when her bracket won the office pool. Now that you’re older and golf together, you love that the two of you can share a hobby for life… even if she still kicks your butt. Indulge her sporty side with a sleek track jacket she can stash in her bag for chilly days.

Queen of the Craft Room

Growing up, she wouldn’t be caught dead with boxed brownies on your birthday or store-bought costumes on Halloween. You can never repay the hours she spent making your childhood unforgettable, but you can start by giving her a pair of joggers she can wear for a long day of crafting or an easy eighteen holes.

Life of the Party

It’s tough to go wrong with a tasty cocktail (or mocktail), especially if your mom has a busier social life than you do. Send her all-natural mixers from Owl’s Brew to share with her friends…or just spice up her nightcap-and-cable routine. Bonus points if you swing by to watch with her.