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Mist Opportunity

These fairway essentials will have you swingin’ in the rain

By Kaitlyn McInnis

Mist Opportunity

By Kaitlyn McInnis

Unless there’s an honest-to-goodness hurricane outside, we see no reason why you should ever have to take a raincheck for the course. If you come prepared with the right accessories, golfing in less-than-ideal weather can be refreshing and even… fun. Here’s how to make sure a little rain never gets in the way of a round. 

Linksouldier Golf Bag

Easy Breezy
Sure, maybe you don’t mind getting a little wet in the storm—but you don’t want your clubs to suffer, right? The Linksouldier Golf Bag was made for protecting your gear from the rain thanks to its myriad pockets and heavy-duty storm flaps on the zippers.

Flux TrueBlue With Waterproof Lenses

Get Some Shade
Rain or shine, you’re going to want a good pair of shades. The Flux TrueBlue by Sundog was designed to incorporate synthetic melanin and ocular lens pigment, which essentially means that the lenses filter out blue and ultraviolet light for optimal protection. They’re also coated in a waterproof finish that wicks away fresh water, salt, and oil from your fingers.

Mpnw Umbrella

Open Up
Whether on the green or off, a good golf umbrella is seriously enviable during a downpour; those parasols are massive, sturdy, and won’t blow away with the wind. The “Make Par, Not War” Umbrella by Linksoul boasts great coverage and a cheeky print that might actually have you wishing for rain.

Men's White Innovator 1.0 Golf Shoe

Fancy Feet
We love a Jack Grace shoe: Not only are they waterproof and functional, but they’re also a more sustainable option for anyone who loves changing up their style regularly. Thanks to the interchangeable saddle (that’s the top part of the shoe), a single pair can take on endless colors and prints.

Navy Blue Camo Panel

Shelter from the Storm
When it comes to your best clubs, you can never be too careful. This eye-catching headcover by Dormie Workshop is crafted from the finest quality Italian leather. It’s also been treated with water- and stain-resistant properties for durability and extra protection, so you can feel good about bringing your clubs out in any conditions Mother Nature might throw your way.