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Hole-In-One Hats

Leave an impression with a statement-making hat from Birds of Condor

By Todd Plummer

Hole-In-One Hats

By Todd Plummer

If you’re lucky enough to have scored or even witnessed a condor (a hole-in-one on a Par 5), you know what a unique event it is. The phenomenon has never even been witnessed in professional golf. That sort of feel good, stop in your tracks, out of body experience is exactly what Birds of Condor is trying to capture with their irresistibly funny trucker hats. Their hats are a true hole-in-one, made with classic mesh paneling, durable wool-acrylic crowns, color-coordinated undervisors, flexible brims and high-quality embroidery. We can’t get enough of the bold, statement-making messages on these hats. Whether you’re living it up on the links or just going about your everyday life—or maybe living it up on the links is part of your every day life—consider doing it in one of these cheeky hats.

Birdie Snapback

Bye, Bye, Birdie!
Ever score a birdie? Well if not, this hat might prove to be something of a lucky charm. Here’s hoping.

Gimme Trucker Snapback

Rounding Up 
Sometimes when short putting, the odds aren’t in your favor. That’s why you need this hat to do the talking—your golf buddies won’t be able to resist taking a few strokes off your score.

Caddy Trucker Snapback

Caddy? Caddy! 
There will be no ambiguity about who is lugging your clubs around with this hat. Maybe it’s so your caddy has a hat to match your own—or maybe it’s for whoever loses your next round.

Fore Trucker Snapback

Sometimes golf balls tend to fly out of bounds. It happens! Why strain your voice when you can just point to the hat? Same thing, right?