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Go for the Bold

These patterned polos bring the par-tee

By Rose Truesdale

Go for the Bold

By Rose Truesdale

We love a classic polo, but once in a while you have to jazz things up. In fact, in a recent Instagram poll, we learned that a whopping 69 percent of you prefer patterned polos to their monochrome counterparts. Go ahead: Tread lightly at first with a few subtle dots, a stripe or two, and some pocket embroidery. You’ll start to notice it puts a little boogie in your bogey, some zing in your swing… and before you know it, you’re turning heads with a graphic watermelon motif and rocking a jungle cat design on the putting green. Think you, too, can rock a wild polo? Read on.


Moves Like Jaguar
Spotted: leopards and parrots and palm trees. (Oh my.) The playful Wildlife Polo from Bad Birdie features a three-button placket, a flattering fit, and a wildlife print that would work just as well in a hipster haunt as it would on the putting green. 19th hole plans, anyone? 

Lucky Feathers

Bird's the Word
Wear this plume-tastic polo to channel all the birdies (and heck––eagles). Bad Birdie calls it the Lucky Feathers Polo, after all. And with its slim (but not too slim) fit, moisture-wicking fabric, and brazen feather print, it might very well bring you good golf juju.


One in a Melon
This Watermelon Polo by Bad Birdie dresses to refresh with moisture-wicking fabric. Imagine you and your buddies, approaching the 18th hole under the sweltering sun… but you’re cool, you’re calm, and you’re looking like a tall drink of water... melon. Mmm.

Crispy Clean

Kaleidoscopic Dream
This bold print in pastel tones is multifaceted, just like you. Sometimes you land an albatross, sometimes you chunk it. Maybe you dig golf and underwater basket weaving in equal measure. Be who you are. This Crispy Clean Polo by Bad Birdie can help.

Paint Splatter

Smart Like Modern Art
Jackson Pollock called: He wants his work shirt back… but, like, in a good way. This Paint Splatter Polo by Bad Birdie is as bold as they come, without going over the top. Whether your game is a classic masterwork or an abstract study of divots, this polo is pure art.

Party Time

Golfers Just Want to Have Fun
The eighties are back, and this Party Time Polo by Bad Birdie is our favorite way to bring this totally rad decade to the green. Pair with feathered bangs and faded jeans if you’re feeling super gnarly… or, you know, trousers and regular human hair if you’re not. Par-tee!