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Man wearing William Murray Serious Business Tartan Blazer


Feels Good to be Plaid

Why the Murray tartan stands for so much more.

Embry Roberts

Feels Good to be Plaid

Embry Roberts

If you’ve worn a piece of William Murray clothing, you might have thought to yourself, “Self, what’s up with all of this plaid?”

Perhaps you wondered about the patterned band on the right sleeve of your polo, or spotted a rogue patch on the coin pocket of your shorts.

Well, it’s not just any plaid It’s Murray plaid – or rather, Murray tartan.

In Scotland, the birthplace of golf and the Murrays, prominent families (or “clans”) often lay claim to a unique pattern signifying their heritage. The colorful plaid you see creeping across your chinos has identified the Murray clan – including brothers and brand founders Bill, Brian Doyle, Joel, John, Andy, and Ed – for 300 years.

William Murray’s goal is to create multi-purpose, spirited apparel equally acceptable for 18 holes, post-round happy hour or casual days at the office. In short, they want to help you to golf (and live) like a Murray – and what better way to induct you than by decking you out in a bit of family swag?

For a family that does all things with humor, the Murray tartan serves as a reminder that we shouldn’t be afraid to bring our truest, most colorful selves to the golf course. That little patch of plaid on your pocket stands for so much more.