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Golfers in printed golf polos by Bad Birdie


Collar Pop

Get a grip on our most eye-catching printed polos.

By Deanna Pai

Collar Pop

By Deanna Pai

While it may be good etiquette to keep quiet on the green, that doesn’t mean your clothing has to be. Sometimes, style speaks louder than words. And few things have more to say than fun, irreverent prints. These fresh styles from Bad Birdie draw all eyes to you. 

Throwback Everyday

The ‘90s called: They want you back (and frankly, you’d be an idiot not to go). Sure, while at first glance you might get strong family-sitcom vibes from this print, consider this: The neutral backdrop balances the colorful shapes, making this an ideal way for a newbie to ease into bright prints. 

Golfer wearing Bad Birdie Hyperlit polo shirt

Golfer wears a Bad Birdie rainforest Rascal Polo
Paradise Found

Who needs to hit an eagle when you can wear a parrot? The birds hiding among the flowers are subtle, but just enough to keep this fun print from looking like your average floral. Speaking of flowers: You’ll also smell fresh as a daisy, since this material wicks away moisture and repels odor. If only socks could be so talented.

Par Out, Dude

Is there a surfboard collecting dust in your garage? Have the words “West Coast, best coast” ever crossed your lips? Then welcome: You’re definitely in the right place! Between the airy palms and trippy triangles, this polo looks like someone decided to host a festival on a golf course—which, when you think about it, is a pretty good idea.

Man wears a Bad Birdie Cali polo shirt

Man wears the Bad Birdie Scottsdale Polo shirt
Not a Mirage

We’re not sure if the desert vibe of this cacti-covered polo is just working its magic or what, but this fun print is making us thirsty—for a prickly-pear margarita, you scamp. The colors are soft and muted enough that you can wear it while golfing with grandpa and for a post-game dinner with the whole fam.

Taff It Up

If your dream golf course overlooks the ocean and includes a briny mist in the air, consider this your dream polo to match. But even if you’re stuck playing round robin in the same old country club, this playful, saltwater taffy-inspired print will help you feel like Vacation You. If that’s not a win, we really don’t know what is.

Golfer on course wears Bad Birdie Salty Savage Polo shirt