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Can You Dress for the Perfect Round?

Chase 54 builds performance right into the fashion.

Can You Dress for the Perfect Round?

How do you dress for the perfect round? Studies have shown that feeling good about how you look improves performance, so perhaps you should aim to be a fashion icon on the course? On the other hand, performance gear is made to physically enhance your play, so maybe you should look for clothes that provide stretch, comfort and temperature control? Or, in a perfect world, you would combine the two approaches.

In Pursuit of Perfection

A number of golf apparel companies are attempting to accomplish that goal, but Chase 54, which was founded by a combination of tech and fashion veterans, has that mission woven into its DNA. The 54 in the company’s name refers to the score of what many consider a perfect round, 18 straight birdies. The “chase” part is an acknowledgement that such perfection may not be attainable, but the relentless pursuit should drive our actions. “We like to say our products are fashion with tech under the hood,” said Pradeep Mahtani, Chase 54’s brand director. “It won’t look like something you can’t wear off the course, and it will also have the technology that helps you play better.”

While many companies apply a treatment to fabrics to make them wick, Chase 54 prefers material with natural wicking properties because the applied treatments wear off over time. Chase 54’s shirts feature DryFuze, a wicking technology that combines a polyester blend with Spandex. Both of the materials inherently wick moisture away from the body and dry quickly and both stretch, so they’re comfortable and non-restricting. Likewise, Chase 54 adds a stylish touch beyond most polos by including collar stays, which keep shirts looking sharp. You might find other shirts with stays on the market, but Chase 54 uses metal stays, which last longer and hold their shape better.

Weaving in Performance

Design-wise, Chase 54’s shirts and pants feature patterns molded by men’s fashion trends outside the world of golf, taking inspiration from ties and blazers and including timeless looks such as gingham and plaid. The women’s clothing, too, has a variety of patterns which are not only integrated with the larger design of the garment but with its performance enhancements as well. Very fine mesh panels are included in areas where they will maximize ventilation and cooling, but these panels are also decorated with ornate patterns and blended into the larger whole. Unlike sportswear that’s made to look sporty, with obvious mesh panels and swaths of spandex, Chase 54’s apparel looks like leisurewear. “You can get the performance without looking like you’re going to run a triathlon,” Mahtani said.

To make its gear even more appropriate for a night out after golf, Chase 54 has expanded into reflective technology. Its GloFuze fabrics look like any other garment under ordinary circumstances, but when hit with a burst of light, their hidden patterns pop into view, meaning they’ll turn heads on a trip to the bar and stand out in the flash of a late-night selfie.

Now that’s a great blend of fashion and tech. “When we make a garment,” said Mahtani, “we ask ourselves, How does it look? How does it feel? How does it perform?” Have they reached perfection? Maybe that will always be an evolving ideal, but the chase is unending.