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Throw a Little Shade

Practical and stylish visors to battle the sun

Throw a Little Shade

Think of the perfect golf day. It’s sunny, warm. Maybe there’s a light breeze. And did we say sunny? Now picture yourself standing over the ball in the fairway. The breeze pushes your hair into your face. That sun, once soft and comforting, bears down on you so that a bead of sweat trickles down your forehead. Your most prominent swing thought has become: Do I need to put on more sunscreen? And when you finally hit the ball and try to trace its flight, you lose it almost immediately in the glare of the white-blue sky. 

This is why golfers wear hats. Hats keep the sun and hair out of your eyes, carcinogenic UV rays off your face, and sweat from running down your brow. But hats have their drawbacks. Namely, they can be hot and even heavy. Enter the visor. 

Visors provide the benefits of hats but with an open top, which makes them cooler and lighter. They also come in varied shapes and with unique features that can make them even more practical. 

For starters, many brands offer visors with extended brims, which are both wider and longer than a standard baseball cap’s and therefore provide greater sun protection for your face. Try to add a brim that big to a hat and it will become too heavy, but on a visor it’s still light enough to be comfortable.

Other brands offer tinted, transparent bills, which function like sunglasses, cutting glare even more than a standard visor and allowing you to more easily track the flight of the ball. There are also stiffer visors that hold their shape and feel more like a hat, and softer ones that can be crumpled up in a pocket of your golf bag or a suitcase and bounce back into shape when you need to pop them on.

The only people who may want to avoid a visor are those for whom, how shall we say it, the grass is a bit thin on top? Or, to be more blunt, bald guys. Otherwise, the visor, which is both cool and cooler, is a great summer option. Plus, when you miss that three-footer, a visor, with its Frisbee-like aerodynamics, is far more satisfying to toss.