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Colorful Belts


Buckle Up for Some Fun

Don't waist your chance to add flair with a colorful belt

By Rose Truesdale

Buckle Up for Some Fun

By Rose Truesdale

Rainbow-hued belts are all the rage, and for good reason: you need something to keep your khakis up while you perfect your swing, and a plain old black or brown belt would be a waist of real estate. Sport some color while you play, be it a swipe of jewel-toned leather or a more casual braided band. You can even rock a colorful belt in the office to remind yourself that an equally colorful weekend on the green is right around the corner. 

Blue Skies Ahead

Blue skies attract birdies, don’t they? This light blue, brushed leather belt will keep your pants and your spirits up on the driving range. J.Lindeberg’s cool geometric logo gives the whole look a little extra oomph. 

Blue Brushed Leather Belt

Green Braided Stretch Belt
Emerald City

If you just can’t seem to break par lately, you could try to visualize becoming the green. Or you could just wear this verdant, ultra-flexible braided stretch belt from by Bobby Jones to become one with nature. (We vote for the belt.)

Paint the Town

Fire up your engines and fasten your (seat) belts: J.Lindeberg’s deep red Slater Belt is the muscle car of waist accessories. Featuring brushed crimson leather and J.Lindeberg’s signature bridge logo, it’s the next best thing to doing golf cart wheelies down the fairway.

Red Slater Brushed Leather Belt

Blue Fred Leather Striped Belt
Another Notch

This navy striped belt with a black fabric underside is exactly what you want encircling your center of gravity during your downswing. Powerful, clean, and no-nonsense… a perfect round will be yet another notch on your J.Lindeberg belt.

Nautical or Nice

Woven from red and navy cloth with red leather loops and a stylish silvertone buckle, this belt is nautical-ish, but rebellious… like a young millionaire who “borrows” his family yacht to hit the high seas for a life of exhilarating freedom. Channel that energy while you crush the 18th hole — no yacht necessary.

Red Cloth Weave Belt