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Detroit Grooming Beard Butter and Beard Oil


Beard Oil vs. Beard Butter: Which One Should You Use?

Don’t be confused by these grooming go-tos.

By Lindsey Unterberger

Beard Oil vs. Beard Butter: Which One Should You Use?

By Lindsey Unterberger

Do you want oil or butter? It’s an easy question to answer when you’re having lunch at the club, but it can be more confusing if you’re talking facial hair products. While you may know what you like on your bread, there’s a good chance you don’t know what you like on your beard. Most men don’t – which is why it’s a question that Mike Haddad and Shaun Walford, founders of Detroit Grooming Co., hear every day.

The answer is simple, says Mike. Use both. “They make great bedfellows, if you apply them right way,” he explains. “The trick is to do it in stages, so you’re not just piling a bunch of stuff on. Nobody likes that. It actually doesn’t even feel right.”

As with most skincare products, you’ll want to layer them from thinnest to thickest. After thoroughly washing and damp-drying your beard, warm up a dime- to quarter-size amount of Grooming Oil in your hands until they’re evenly coated. Then, working your way from the outside in, massage the oil into your beard and face, getting it as far down into the skin as possible (a comb will help with this, if you have one). Wait for it to absorb, and then finish getting dressed or drinking coffee or whatever you do.

“People assume that when you use an oil you’re going to be greasy and your shirt is going to get stained. But none of that happens,” Mike says. “These are nutrient-dense, highly bioavailable oils that get absorbed very quickly – within the first 10 minutes. If you use just the right amount, your skin and hair will absorb it, and you won’t look oily or shiny. You will just look healthy. And that’s really the point.”

Once the oil is absorbed, it’s time to switch to butter. “We call these ‘finishing products’ or ‘toppers,’” Mike says. You’ll want to use them right before you head out of the house to polish off your look. “Get about a quarter size in the palm of your hand, work that together until it gets warm, and then just lightly apply it right on top of your beard,” he says. “It’ll lay any strays down, get the crazies out the way, and then you just comb it through or brush it.”

While using oil and butter in tandem is best for your beard, if you could only pick one, Shaun says he’d opt for the Beard Butter in Bell Isle, one of four scents Detroit Grooming Co. offers. “The value that you get from it in terms of skin care and hair care is unbeatable,” he says. “The essential oils in it are lavender and orange. So you’ve got the orange that’s an astringent, and you’ve got the lavender that promotes blood flow and brings blood to the surface, but it’s also very calming.”

Who couldn’t use some calming vibes on the course? We’re in.