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Be the Better Man

Rule 18 -- Character, Integrity, Respect

By Melissa Diskin

Be the Better Man

By Melissa Diskin

Launched in Spring 2017, Rule 18 is an offshoot of Bobby Jones Apparel, literally tailored for a new generation.

A Modern-Day Code

“When we look at Bobby Jones and see how diverse his life is, we can get inspiration from different parts: the golf course, study hall, the office,” said Andy Bell, President and CEO of Jones Global Sports. The magic of the Rule 18 line is in the reinterpretation of the character and style of the man himself into a modern fit using performance fabrics. “How do you translate a guy from 1930 to today?” said Bell. “He retired at 28. Our view is that if you dropped him into today, he wouldn’t be wearing woolen knickers. If he were alive and well today, what would he be wearing?” 

The sportswear line takes its name from one of the most startling moments of a meteoric career -- the day when Bobby Jones called a penalty on himself, for a slight movement of the ball as he lined up his shot on the 11th hole in the first round of the 1925 US Open -- a slight shimmy of the ball that no one else had even seen. This exceptionally conscientious act cost Jones the 1925 US. Open, which he lost by one stroke. “Rule 18 is the actual rule that deals with that,” said Bell. “Our lifestyle sportswear is about these ideas of character, integrity and respect.” 

All-Day Style

The great sportsman’s view of good play is summed up by his grandson, Atlanta licensed psychologist Dr. Robert Tyre Jones IV. “He said, ‘If you aren’t playing by the rules, you might be playing a very enjoyable game, but you’re not playing golf.’” Dr. Jones believes that in an era of tarnished heroes, the game of golf tends to lend itself to a particular integrity. “Golf is ultimately a sport that is self-policing, and I think that makes a big difference.”

The Rule 18 brand nods to specific moments from Jones’s life while translating them for the modern age. Many of the styles offer up a modern, sleek, graphic look perfect for a generation hungry for easy-care fabrics and high-performance characteristics. Bell calls it “a hybrid, casual, yet modern sportswear that can be worn anywhere.” 

Despite the evolution of Rule 18’s modern fabrics and lines into an essentially modern clothing line, the core message, said Bell, is about the man himself. “Jones is recognized as a man of great character, of honor, of respect. Those ideas never get old. We don’t talk about them as much as we should. The world needs more of them.”